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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

Rob and Kimberly on the way to the pit stop. BQs on their way to the pit stop. My favorite part is that Dustin tells Kandice to get their lucky charm, and says they need "prayer." Because there's no karma, but apparently, there's divine intervention. Rob and Kim find their way to the right place, but then they can't locate the right path at first. And here come the BQs, driving to the boulder. Rob and Kim are still looking for the pit stop, but they do in fact find it, and they land on the mat in third place. When the BQs get to the pit stop, they see all the cars and realize they're in last. "Whatever happens, I love you," Kandice says. They get to the mat, and predictably, while they come in last, they are not eliminated. They are, however, "marked" for elimination in the David/Mary sense. If you don't come in first, you serve a thirty-minute penalty. Phil tells them how much the other teams would love to see them leave.

In her final words, Dustin points out that everyone is afraid of them because they're so "competitive." Surplus awesomeness! Nobody likes me because I'm so great! Sigh. They show remarkable talent for rewriting history when they say that they weren't nice today simply because they used a Yield and "didn't stop" for the flat tire. Obviously, they did a lot more than that. But they clearly need to believe that the only reason anyone has for disliking them is how great they are, so we can leave them to it.

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