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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

The Pointies grind, and the BQs grind, and Dustin makes a very unfortunate remark about how a donkey has nothing on her. Man, you have to watch those so very carefully, you know? Interestingly, in the cars on the way to the pit stop, James is again talking about the *lyns' skills with navigation, and it would be nice if Karlyn weren't spending all her time talking about how all she wants is to get rid of the BQs. "They've been evil, and that evilness has finally bitten them back," she says. Uch. Just enjoy your day, lady. You did well. Evil wants no part of this.

Rob wishes he had some bread to go with all the pressed olives. The BQs are still grinding away. Rob and Kim? Done. The BQs? Jumping the gun. So they have to work a little longer. The Pointies pull the pit stop clue and get going. The BQs keep going. Finally, they are told that they're finished, so they can finally start bagging. Meanwhile, in the Pointy car, Rob and Kimberly have managed to stay on good terms today, so they can enjoy the happy memory of seeing the BQs arrive behind them. It's always nice to be friends so that you can celebrate the downfall of your enemies together. The BQs are finished now, though, so they hop into their SUV and go.

*lyns and A(AM!)s on their way to the pit stop. Tyler and James find the boulder first and make the turn. They hop out and start running, and the victory music starts to play, but then there is a record scratch as James realizes that they didn't bring their charm with them. They dash back up the hill. And here are the *lyns, pulling in, sharing a funny little chat about how they don't like looking for Phil. "He ought to be places where people can find him," Lyn scolds lightly. They get out of the car and find the arrow, and as they head down, they pass the boys coming the other direction. So there's theoretically some chance that Tyler and James will lose first place to the *lyns, but once the footrace back down the hill gets going, it isn't close, and the boys pass them easily. So it's Tyler and James on the mat, and when they show their good-luck charm, it's the one that matches the one on the greeter, so they win a Treo with a year of service. Just don't think it's going to be very portable.

Welcome, Lyn and Karlyn. You're team number two. Phil congratulates them for being Yielded and coming in second.

As they approach the pit stop, the BQs are making preparations to be last, preemptively talking about how it's not bad karma, because there's no bad karma in games. "You do what you do to win," Kandice insists. Exactly -- it's not bad karma. It's bad racing. They aren't last because they Yielded the *lyns, but they also aren't last just because. They're last because the third of three major mistakes they made in this one leg finally actually caught up with them.

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