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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

Rob and Kim get their tire changed by a couple of helpful locals. Kim just hopes they can catch up. The BQs, meanwhile, have absolutely no map, but they're sure that there will be "signs to Ourzazate." They zing right by Rob and Kimberly, who are a little put off that they didn't even slow down to ask or give any help at all. I'm not really surprised, nor do I think they had any obligation to do that, but I certainly understand the frustration when you're at the place Rob and Kim are at. Rob interviews that the BQs can't be trusted, and I kind of can't imagine what kind of trust he has in mind. But... okay. When the A(AM!)s come by, Tyler does hang his head out the window and explain to Rob and Kim where they'll find the café, and that they'll next have to head for the Detour. The *lyns pass, and they're happy to be ahead of the Pointies, too. At last, said Pointies get going again, with Kimberly playing the part of spaz-wrangler. At the café, they initially decide to do the pottery, but they realize that they want to catch up to the other teams, so they decide to chase them to the olives. I'm not sure why, since they were told that it was first-come, first-served to the three available stations, you know?

The BQs are still assuming that they're going back to Ouarzazate, and Tyler is openly hoping that they'll screw up and get lost, mentioning that they do seem to be "slipping" lately. Which is true. As for the *lyns, Lyn explains how they're hopeful that they might be improving their standing, and Karlyn says, "We just won't die. Like roaches." Heh. What I like about what Rob and Kim are doing is that they seem to have found a way to approach being lost as their common enemy, so they're clear that they're pissed off that they're lost, not pissed off at each other -- at least for the moment. I am officially their lawyer, apparently.

James and Tyler find what they think might be the olive Detour. Meanwhile, Dustin and Kandice think they've gone too far, so Dustin hops out of the car to ask someone. Indeed, they learn that they've driven right by it, and then... we flip back to Tyler and James, who are arriving at the ranch. The boys run in, and guess who's behind them all of a sudden? The *lyns. In their car, the BQs are just hopeful that everybody else isn't already at the olives. Now, you have to remember -- when they left Tyler and James, the boys had said they were throwing pots, so it's not entirely illogical for them to assume that it was safe to take the olives. For all they knew, actually, everybody might be doing pottery except for them. In fact, I'd have assumed the *lyns would choose that rather than pushing a stone press around.

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