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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

James wants to throw pots, but Tyler thinks getting to the olive location will be easier, since they're kind of going back to where they were, rather than to a new place. The BQs, at the same time, decide to do the olives for the same reason Tyler is advocating: "At least we know where to go." Oh, irony.

The *lyns approach the café. The BQs are just leaving, and they're asking the A(AM!)s what they're doing. The boys say they're doing the pottery, after consulting with some locals. Hilariously, though, James and Tyler are forced to rethink after James reads the clue aloud and Tyler realizes that throw means the "make" kind of throw, not the "dash against the fireplace" kind of throw. As the BQs leave, Dustin says, "That's the sistas, they're not far behind us." (Tense = "sistas.") "They're fueled by their rage right now, I feel like," she says. Actually, that doesn't seem to be the case. I think they're fueled by wanting to stay in the race. I haven't seen much "rage," except for Karlyn's behavior while actually sitting on the mat.

In a funny sequence, as James and Tyler are leaving the café after deciding to switch Detours, the *lyns get there, and one of them notes that the boys appear to be pointing. They conclude that Tyler and James must have thought they were Rob and Kim, which I would think was exactly right, except that as soon as James saw them, he said, "There's Bama." It's not clear whether Tyler pointed before James said it, or what. I wish that had been a bit clearer, I must say. James says as they head for the olives that he likes to "battle it out" at a Detour someone else is also at. He's going to get more of it, because the *lyns are taking the olives. Karlyn says she was an art major, and she's thrown pots, and "it's not easy." I concur. It is one of four thousand or so things that went on in art class that I was no good at. You should have seen my efforts to draw a person. They were... "abstract" I think it's fair to say. Meanwhile, the BQs are saying that they just need to stay ahead of "them," whoever "they" are. The A(AM!)s talk about how surprised they are that the *lyns are so close behind, and that apparently "the Yield didn't do anything." It's a fair point. In the car, Lyn says she thinks it's a little funny that they're still there, but she doesn't want to wind up with "a false sense of security." She has a point. And I think she's just about the first person I've ever seen on reality television (hyperbole alert!) fretting over the danger of a false sense of security rather than just embracing one.

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