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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

The *lyns have to let their Fern out of the car, but they've gotten good help from him.

In need of some good help are the Pointies, who are not at all happy about having to change this tire. Rob opens the back, but he's already kicking stuff and coming close to losing it. Elsewhere, Karlyn notes that they always seem to be behind, but they always stay in, so she's concluded that "there's a higher power that wants us to be here." Oh, boy. The "I am favored by God" argument. One of my personal favorites. Rob can't find the jack, and here go the *lyns passing him by. As they pass, Karlyn notes that if you have this much trouble with your car, it probably has something to do with you. And while I understand the instinct, I actually don't think it's true in this case. I don't think Rob gave them a flat tire by doing anything that would also cause overheating and the breakdown of a stick shift. Rob is, however, also having trouble getting the jack out of the back of the car, so... he's certainly having some issues. "We were in second place; now we're in last," he notes. Kim instructs him not to lose it and give up. Rob, hysterically, puts his head down and rubs the back of his head, doing a precise invitation of my best friend doing his "Disaster is striking! Time for a commercial!" pose, which he reliably does (in slow-motion) any time anything bad happens, particularly during travel. Inspired by this precise moment in almost every episode of this particular show, the routine requires that five seconds later, you look up and go, "Whew! That was close!"

Commercials. Diamonds are pretty.

When we return, someone magically pulls over and averts the disaster. Whew! That was close! I'm saying.

Up ahead, James and Tyler find the café. They pull in, followed by the BQs. These two teams open a clue that tells them that it's time for a Detour. You choose between Throw It and Grind It. (Dirty!) In Throw It, you travel four miles to a marked pottery shop, where you throw (which means "make," for those of you who didn't take art) two pots. Once they're approved, you get your clue. In "Grind It," you travel to a horse ranch and olive farm (that's an... interesting combination) where they'll use a hand-operated olive mill (kind of a giant stone mortar and pestle where the pestle is a wheel you roll around... if that helps, which I'm sure it does) to press 77 pounds of olives into paste and put the paste into "pressing sleeves." In both options, there are only three stations, so you don't want to be the fourth team to pick the same thing, if you get the picture.

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