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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

Karlyn takes off in the chariot, as Lyn explains that Karlyn will undoubtedly perform well as a result of being so pissed off. Heh. That's an example of knowing your friend, people. She adds that they're not really all that far behind. Speaking of which, as the Pointies and BQs ask for directions, they are caught up to by the A(AM!)s. Wow, so much for that lead. As a matter of fact, Tyler and James blow right by them, so... too bad, there, folks. Rob, and then Dustin, get frustrated and decide to just follow the A(AM!)s. So much following these days.

Karlyn is already fetching her second flag, so she and Lyn are getting going without too much of a delay, it would appear. "She did it really quick, compared to the other teams," Lyn notes admiringly as she heads off to meet her partner. They collect their clue and read about Idelssan.

The A(AM!)s run into a problem with their leading driver when he tells them that he doesn't want to take them all the way to Idelssan. He points them in the right direction, though, and he sends them off. As they drive off, Dustin notes with absolute delight and a visible grin, "Rob and Kim have a flat!" "I wonder if they know," Kandice says with a little concern. "Don't mention it!" Dustin says. Wow, so now we've graduated into advocating dangerous things to happen to other teams. Lovely behavior. Seriously, driving on a flat is not really safe. And you don't really gain anything from not telling them, you know? They're going to have to pull over and fix it anyway. What's the difference if you tell them or don't, except that if they suddenly had to swerve or something, their ability to control the car is compromised if they have a flat and they don't know about it? I'm sure the BQs didn't think this far in advance or mean any harm, but interestingly, I think this is a much more dangerous decision than anybody's failure to pull over and monitor their dealings with the group of guys earlier.

The *lyns ask for directions. In fact, they ask a gentleman who comes with them in the car. It's Fern Week! Ferns are 20% off! All Ferns must go!

As the other group drives on, Kimberly notes that "Bama is good with directions," which is good of her -- it's probably time for the other teams to start noticing that while they have things the *lyns are not good at, they also have things they're very good at, which is why they're still around. In the BQ car, Dustin is cracking up hilariously at the fact that Rob and Kim have a flat. "We're not evil blondes; we're just competitive blondes!" comments Kandice. It's interesting that she would choose to say this at a point that has nothing to do with competition. In fact, if the BQs were to tell them, they'll probably pull over and fix it, while if they don't tell them, they may drive right on until they don't need the car anymore. There's not much of a "competitive" reason not to tell them; it just seems like spite. Fortunately, Rob has noticed the sound that the car is making, and he determines that they do, indeed, have a flat. Finally, at this point, the BQs decide to pull up and tell the Pointies about the flat tire. As Rob gets out of the car, Kimberly is already telling him not to freak; just change the tire. He, of course, is kind of sick of their unending car issues. Tyler notices that the Pointies have vanished, but he doesn't seem to know why.

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