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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

Rob is next to grab himself a flag. James comes next, but he does not get a flag. It's not clear why, except that he is destined to play out his loserdom forever in front of Tyler in a series of sad anecdotes until they go on a fishing trip where he beats Tyler to death with an oar and then impersonates him while dating Gwyneth Paltrow. The *lyns look on unhappily. Dustin grabs her second flag. Rob grabs his second. James finally gets his first. Tyler is unhappy, of course, that James isn't finished. Again, as Kandice leaves, she refers to the *lyns as "Bama," saying she wants to get away before she has to see them. "That one can't even look over here!" Karlyn observes, as if this proves that obviously, she is right and the BQs are horrible, horrible people for, you know, playing the game according to its rules. As one of the BQs passes, Karlyn flips her off, and Lyn immediately says, "Don't do that. That's ugly." Oh, good for you, lady. I think I really like Lyn, and it makes me think I might like Karlyn, too, in... a totally different set of circumstances, basically. But not these. "Sorry," Karlyn says, a little sheepishly. Dustin -- now angry again -- says, "They flipped me off, the sistas." See? Happy/confident/on-display = "Bama"/"Alabama." Angry/threatened = "sistas." I'm sure she's not doing it on purpose, but unfortunately, she's doing it.

The Pointies are actually the first ones to get their clue after the race, and it tells them to drive to the town of Idelssan and find a café where they'll find their next clue. The BQs get away next. "The sistas cannot beat us now," Dustin vows, tense and nervous again. They meet up with the Pointies on the way out, and at Kimberly's invitation, the BQs agree to work with Rob and Kim. Rob comments in an interview that he doesn't dig the BQs, but he's happy to try to benefit from working with them sometimes.

Tyler hassles James to get the last flag, which James finally does. Poor, poor James. Just as the boys are getting ready to go, the *lyns are finally able to open their clue. Karlyn takes it. The Pointies and BQs are getting on their way, and interestingly, Rob is taking the position that Yielding the *lyns was "crappy." Back at the stadium, Lyn very calmly says to the camera that she thinks it's interesting that she's perceived as a threat. "That's what they get for slow-walking to the Yield mat," Dustin nearly spits in the BQ-mobile. Lyn goes on to explain to us that if the BQs were smart, they'd have left her and Karlyn in the race, rather than specifically trying to knock out the physically weakest team. It's an interesting argument. I don't think it overcomes the fact that if you're third, you're just trying not to be last, but I know what she's going for. Tyler and James get a cab to lead them the 22 miles to Idelssan.

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