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Phil and some hopping kangaroos (real ones this time) welcome us back to the Australian Outback. "Mining has always been the chief occupation here in Broken Hill," he says, which probably explains how it got broken. He adds that it was the second Pit Stop, so I guess that first one outside Sydney counted as a Pit Stop, even though it was more like a Pit Keep Going. Phil adds that after they arrived, they "immediately embarked on an overnight train ride through the desert to Sydney." What, they didn't get to sleep in the mine? Sure enough, we see them riding through the Outback in their sleeper cars. Then Zev and Justin, who not only won the previous leg but got to keep the first place position, emerge from their coach with their clue and open it right there on the platform, at 11:57 AM. And they're going to Tokyo, Japan, which Phil says is nearly 5,000 miles. Then they'll find their way to a "rotating parking garage" to find their next clue. The parking garage doesn't actually rotate; it's more like an electric tie rack for cars. I'll explain later, if I can figure out how. For now, Zev and Justin grab a cab. "We're going to Japan again, baby," Justin says, recalling the wasabi bomb he had to eat at the beginning of their first race. Well, it was closer to the end of their race than it was for most of the other teams that season.

Flight Time and Big Easy open thier clue in second place, at 12:05 PM. Flight Time also remembers Tokyo, and he figures Tokyo will remember Big Easy. "They thought Godzilla was walking down the street," Big Easy says, reminding us of the title of that episode.

Jet and Cord are starting the leg in third place, at 12:08 PM. They catch up to the Globetrotters at the line for the train to the airport. Jen and Kisha should be right behind them (opening their clue at 12:09 PM), but they fail to make the train. Like it's going to matter.

Margie and Luke open their clue at 12:10, and I don't think the Amazing Editors needed to insert a fail-rattle at Luke's mispronunciation of "Japan." It's not like he's heard anyone say it before. Their plan is to find a travel agency, which they quickly accomplish. Although the agent looks a lot like a brunette version of She-Jordan from TAR16 and BB11, so they should be aware that she might be an idiot.

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