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Uchenna and Joyce finish up the weighing at last, and they receive a clue telling them to go ten miles to a fortress called Rumeli Hisari, where they'll get another clue. They grab a cab and take off.

Back at the tower, Meredith and Gretchen still don't see a clue, so they head back inside the tower yet again to look for it. "Why do we have so much trouble with things like this?" Gretchen wonders. Because you're...not great at this game and get really lucky a lot? Just a guess. Meredith lifts up a big dome that I'm not sure tourists are meant to lift up, wondering if the clue is under it. I was sort of afraid there would be sacred remains under there, or a security camera. Or a really, really big dinner. When he doesn't find a clue, they take the elevator to the top. Again. "Why don't we see things," she whines. At the top, she whines some more, and then they look down and see that the clue box is down on the ground, by the entrance. "What a waste of time," she complains. Finally, they open the Detour clue and head for the Kilos. I think people are picking the Kilos because they cannot figure out what the Columns are. That's what I would do.

Rob and Amber find the ferry to Kiz Kulesi and get on board. Meanwhile, Ron and Kelly's train arrives. On the ferry, Rob gets some bad news when he asks how many teams have already come over on the ferry -- the guy tells him there have been two, and they went through at 8:00 that morning. "Damn," Rob says. "They got a 6:00 AM flight somehow." Wow, an earlier flight? Just like your friend Kelly heard them say they had? How could you have anticipated that wacky possibility? Oy. Amber comments on the fact that they wrongly believed that they were in the lead the whole time. "Unbelievable," Rob adds. He would.

Commercials. That Dasani commercial with the guy in the dog suit is freaking me out.

When we return, Rob and Amber are still on that ferry, and they're still unhappy. Rob characterizes their falling behind as "a huge mistake." On the island, they scamper up to the clue box and get the clue telling them to look for a gnome. Rob isn't even sure what a gnome is, so he's lucky that Amber knows. And people say she doesn't do anything! They fetch themselves a gnome and hop back on the ferry. On the way back, Rob gets directions to the next destination, and on shore, they take off. Ron and Kelly are just now catching their ferry, but they're hoping to catch up with Rob and Amber. Rob and Amber, however, are taking a ferry out ahead of Ron and Kelly, and Rob actually spots Ron and Kelly with a pair of binoculars, so he knows the score at this point. Ron and Kelly, meanwhile, get the gnome clue and find themselves one, and they take off. They get themselves a taxi.

Uchenna and Joyce arrive at the fortress, and they open a clue leading to a Roadblock that asks the question: "Is climbing your forte?" And yes, you can make an argument that that should be pronounced just like "fort," but my dictionary basically says both pronunciations are flawed based on the original French, so both are standard. Unless you are arguing with my father, who will tell you that the "fort" pronunciation is standard, and unless you want to be there all day, I suggest you agree with him. I didn't get this way by accident, people. Phil explains that in fact, the Forteblock requires you to "storm" the fortress by climbing a rope ladder up the side and landing on the top of the tower, where they'll find a key. Then, they'll rappel down the side of the tower and open one of a series of locked books containing a clue. The lead team ultimately decides that climbing is Uchenna's forte, so he takes the Forteblock for his team. Joyce is very glad not to be doing this particular Roadblock, but Uchenna seems to enjoy it. At the top of the rope ladder, Uchenna climbs a few stairs to the very top, and then he starts to look for the key, which apparently isn't too easy to spot.

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