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Happy Turkey Day

Uchenna and Joyce arrive at Galata Kulesi, find the clue box, and open the clue, which is a Detour. This particular Detour offers them a choice between Columns and Kilos. In Columns, as Phil explains while looking mighty hot in his brown suede jacket, teams go two miles to an ancient well, where they have to use a map with coordinates to find a specific column with numbers on it, and then they pull a box up from a well and use the numbers from the column to come up with the combination. Or...something. It's a little bit confusing, to tell you the truth. I'm not sure I understand this task, and yet, it seems simplistic. Am I getting stupider? It's not impossible. In Kilos, on the other hand, you get a scale from a guy on the street and go around weighing people in the street until you hit 2500 kilos. Phil swears that weighing people on the street is a common practice in Istanbul, which…all right. Every place has its unique recreational activities.

Uchenna and Joyce take Kilos. In Gretchen and Meredith's cab, he asks her what they should call the gnome. "I don't know. 'Gnome,'" she says. Wow, she's certainly a barrel of laughs. Not. I'd find them a lot more plucky if she weren't so stubbornly unpleasant, because he really seems like a pretty nice guy, but she's…not so friendly, even to him. Meredith favors "Jerome the gnome." Heh. Sometimes, when the company is limited, you really do have to make your own fun. And also, cab rides are boring. She's lucky he never named the bandages on her head. You know, assuming he didn't.

Rob and Amber head onto the ferry, happy that Ron and Kelly aren't with them. Ron and Kelly are, in fact, still on the train, so the ferry leaves without them. "I think we've got a big enough lead right now; we don't want to overdo it," Rob chuckles, demonstrating again his high-stakes level of banter that you can totally get away with provided you are actually ahead, but that makes you look like a complete idiot if you happen to be, without realizing it, behind. As he is at he moment. Meaning? Complete. Idiot.

Uchenna and Joyce find the scales guy, get their scale, and start weighing folks. They start to make notes, and my favorite part is where Uchenna says to one guy, "No, no, keep your coat on!" Heh. He's like a backwards Weight Watchers meeting. "Keep your bracelet on! Don't take off your belt! No, don't spit out your gum!"

At Galata Kulesi, Gretchen and Meredith decide that they have go to the top of the tower to get the clue. That screwy oompah music that I still think has very little to do with Turkey starts up as they take the elevator to the top and start looking for a clue box. They don't find one, unsurprisingly. "Man, this is hard," Meredith complains. Finally, they note that it might be downstairs, and they head back down.

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