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Commercials. I really don't think that having a picture-taking cell phone gives you carte blanche to take pictures of random strangers and send them around, whether they have great hair or not.

Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly head out to Istanbul on their flight from Delhi. In a line that's suspiciously choppy, Rob comments that he's "completely confident" that the absence of the other two teams on their flight means that they've "gained the lead." Did he really say "completely confident"? Bah! The Amazing Yellow Lines demonstrate that all four teams are now headed to Istanbul, and Phil reminds us that they'll have to head to the tower at Kiz Kulesi when they get there.

In Istanbul, the lead plane carrying Uchenna and Joyce and Meredith and Gretchen lands at 6:27 AM. They hop on a train, presumably into the city, and while they ride, Joyce voices over how happy she is to be experiencing all these adventures with Uchenna. Aw. They're nice. These teams hop on a ferry to the lighthouse, and Uchenna comments that "it's on."

The second flight lands at 8:24 AM. Rob and Amber are just ahead of Ron and Kelly heading for the train. In fact, they get out on a train that leaves before Ron and Kelly can get on board, so they manage to give themselves a little bit of a lead. "Dang! Missed the freakin' train," Ron comments. The fact that he's traveled this far with Kelly (literally and figuratively) and can still limit his profanity to "dang" indicates to me that he's probably a cool enough guy that he didn't intentionally crash his plane in order to be imprisoned in Iraq so he could get out of the Army early.

The Underestimated Alliance arrives at the lighthouse on the ferry. They head up to the top, and Uchenna and Joyce are the first to read the clue telling them to find a gnome -- which Joyce unfortunately pronounces "ga-nome." Phil explains that they'll search the island for a Travelocity gnome -- ew! The teams will not be told that each gnome has a marking on the bottom, and whichever team brings to the pit stop the gnome that has the plane on the bottom will win a prize at the mat. Once they have a gnome, they have to head 12 miles to the Galata Kulesi tower, where they'll find yet another clue. Uchenna and Joyce take off to gnome-hunt, followed closely by Gretchen and Meredith, who happily note an abundance of clues in the box and conclude that they're apparently ahead of the other teams. They go back down to look for their gnome. Gretchen finds a gnome hidden in the wall, so they get on the ferry. Uchenna and Joyce get theirs, and the Underestimated Alliance is reunited back on the ferry. On shore, they get in cabs for Galata Kulesi. I really could have lived without the aggressive nature of this particular product placement. It's so stupid, and it has nothing to do with anything, and the gnomes weren't even apparently hidden very much, so the whole thing plays like a 30-second commercial right in the middle of my show. Bleh.

On the train, Rob and Amber note that Turkey looks to be in better shape than the parts of India they saw. "I feel like I'm at home on the T," Rob notes. Well, it's not like being at home on the T unless you regularly ride around getting your ass whomped by bald people and grandparents, babe. Ron and Kelly, meanwhile, finally get on a train, and Ron says that they really hope they're out ahead of the other two teams and are thus in second place behind Rob and Amber.

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