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Happy Turkey Day

The next morning, teams leave for the airport, with Uchenna and Joyce taking off together, and Gretchen taking the opportunity to compliment Joyce on her bald head, on display without her bandanna for the first time. And you can tell it's an entirely sincere compliment from the way she says, "You look beauuuuutiful," rather than "It looks fine" or "It's not that bad" or something of that nature. Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly leave next, with Rob commenting, "I'm so over India." Yeah, because all they found there was a guy who stayed on as their guide over, like, multiple days. What a horrible society! I get that it's crowded, but…shut up, Rob.

Teams arrive at the airport. They land boarding passes, with Gretchen and Meredith and Uchenna and Joyce hitting the place first. Gretchen, of course, has to hurry over to Uchenna and gossip about the arrival of Rob and Amber when it occurs. When Rob runs into Gretchen, he just cannot resist putting a needle in her: "Did you guys get on the earlier flight to Turkey?" he asks her. "," she says. "At least we know there's an earlier flight to Turkey," Meredith comments after Rob has left. Up at the ticket counter, Rob chuckles to Amber about how he couldn't resist making that comment, in spite of there being no earlier flight to Turkey (that he knows of), both because he wanted to know whether they had an earlier flight and -- and I'd say this is the far bigger factor -- because he wanted to tease Gretchen a little. This is so unwise for such a large number of reasons. He talks about how he wants Gretchen to be like, "What are they talking about?", but he doesn't follow it to the next logical step, which is what she's going to do once she convinces herself she doesn't know what he's talking about, which is pursue other flights. That can be nothing but bad for him, which is why it's such a dopey move. If he were really doing it to get information, that would be one thing, but again, this is about getting wrapped up in the interpersonal nonsense to the possible detriment of your own position. For a guy who's usually fairly good at seeing a couple of moves ahead, he should have seen all the places where this could potentially go, and he clearly didn't, which makes him just not quite as smart as he thinks.

Gretchen runs back to Uchenna and Joyce and repeats Rob's remark. "So obviously, there's an earlier flight to Turkey," Uchenna says. He looks for a cell phone from someone in the lounge, and calls a travel agent. Meanwhile, Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly get on the flight to Delhi. On the phone, Uchenna learns of an Indian Air flight leaving at 8:00 PM from Delhi to Dubai, which connects to Istanbul on Turkish Air, landing in Istanbul at 6:20 AM -- almost two and a half hours before they're now scheduled to land. And as it happens, Ron and Kelly overhear part -- but, critically, not all -- of this conversation. Kelly hears Uchenna talking about a 3:30 flight on Turkish Air, and she tells Ron that they've got to get on it. As he gets on the flight to Delhi, Uchenna comments that it's nice to think they've gotten onto the earlier flight and have a chance at first place "because everyone's together." That is, he thinks he just caught up with the arrangements Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly already have -- in other words, the flight he thinks Rob was referring to when he was teasing Gretchen. So, so stupid. The flight takes off.

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