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11:33 PM. Meredith and Gretchen reveal that $82 is available for this leg. Gretchen explains that they're "still making it," which she finds "unbelievable." Me, too. She says that earlier, she wanted to just get a little farther, and now, she wants to win. Which I think is still unlikely. They manage to step in a few grandparent-like stereotypes when they complain about the stickers on the cab's windshield and how "very dangerous" it is. They'd feel much better if the guy would put one blinker on. Thank you, I'm here all week! Tip your waitress!

Uchenna and Joyce figure that the travel agency to which they've been directed is probably closed, since it's practically midnight, so they're headed to a hotel where they can call and get some information. They pull into the hotel, and when they call, they find that indeed, the place is open. Wow. I guess they specialize not only in flights, but also in flight. As in, "fleeing." Because who needs a travel agency in the middle of the night, besides these people? Anyway, Uchenna asks on the phone about the fastest way to Istanbul, and he learns of a morning flight that leaves at 10:20 AM. He tells the agent over the phone that he's on his way to collect the tickets. They get back in their cab.

Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly, on the other hand, have gone directly to the travel agency, and they're asking about tickets. They learn of the same flight that Uchenna found out about, and it goes through Delhi. They book the tickets. Ron explains that this is the best option they could find, and it will arrive the following day at 8:45 in the morning. These two teams, with Sanjay's help, head out to a hotel. Rob comments that it's a good thing they have a guide, as his Hindi is rather lacking. Heh.

Meredith and Gretchen hit the travel agency and get the same tickets as everyone else. When they're done, they run into Uchenna and Joyce, and the teams chat about the 10:20 flight, which Uchenna and Joyce get on also. So at this point, everyone is on the same plane. At the hotel, Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly bid farewell to Sanjay, who can now return to his life and be fired for missing work. Uchenna and Joyce head to the hotel with Gretchen and Meredith, and Joyce explains that their reason for helping Gretchen and Meredith is that they're "really good people." Ugh. As much as I love Uchenna and Joyce, they definitely have a tinge of that whole Amazing Montessori School thing that I don't care for. I mean, Joyce throws in a thing about, "At the end of the day, they're still our competition," but that just doesn't jibe with helping people on the basis that they're "good people." I like to think I would be a heartless, bloodless automaton in this situation. Everyone checks into the hotel.

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