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Rob rappels down to the bottom as Ron runs up to the top. When Ron reaches the top, he has trouble spotting the key. Rob also has a little trouble getting the lock open, but he gets it after a couple of tries. He lets Amber in, and they head for the pit stop, as an unhappy Kelly waits for Ron. "We just barely escaped," Rob tells Amber as they run toward the mat. Up at the top of the tower, Ron sees Rob and Amber running (so it appears), and he knows he's too late. And he still doesn't have that key.

Rob and Amber hit the mat. Phil welcomes them in third place, and Phil points out that you can actually see Ron standing up at the top of the tower, key-less and staring. Rob and Amber turn in their gnome, and it doesn't have an airplane on the bottom. You know, between this and the fact that they didn't win the giant wads of cash or the cars, whoever is running the conspiracy to give them all the prizes is doing a really bad job! Rob voices over that they "made a stupid mistake today" and missed the flight, so next leg, they won't repeat that mistake.

Ron finishes up and heads down to the bottom of the tower. He unlocks the clue and lets Kelly in, and they go to the mat. Welcome, Ron and Kelly. You're last. And you suck. And you should break up. But you're not Philiminated, because it is (of course) a non-elimination. Phil does, however, strip them of all their money and their stuff. The good news is that they have come up with the magic gnome, meaning that they are receiving $20,000 to spend on Travelocity, as well as an opportunity to spend the pit stop time at a suite at the Four Seasons Hotel, where they can look online for travel deals. Or porn! They could sort of use a shot of both, inspiration-wise. Kelly interviews that she's concerned about "the relationship side," but they both vow to keep after it and try to stay in the race. It hurts to watch them, sort of.

Executive producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Uchenna and Joyce help Meredith and Gretchen, and nobody does well with the Roadblock at all. Even Uchenna and Joyce seem to be yelling at each other, which is kind of shocking.

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