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Rob and Amber, on the way to the Forteblock, hope they're still ahead of Ron and Kelly.

Gretchen looks for the key. In fact, she calls to the key, like a kitty. As usual, I root for her to finish what she's doing, because I find her pursuit of it kind of irritating. She finds the key, and then she immediately starts complaining about the rappel. "Oh, my God, I have to rappel down this," she moans. Yeesh. She moans, she gripes, but she finally gives a "whoopee!" on the way down that comes as a great relief. She unlocks the clue. She lets Meredith into the fortress. "If you're not a sight for sore eyes," he says, and that's pretty cute. When they reach Phil, he tells them they're team number two. Phil checks their gnome, but it doesn't have the plane, so there is no prize for them. Gretchen voices over that they've been hanging on because other teams have made mistakes, and this leg is exactly like that, because if Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly had gotten the same flight she did or Rob hadn't tipped her off and made them pursue an earlier flight, she and Meredith totally would have been last just based on the execution of the tasks, given that they couldn't find the clue for the Detour and took forever to do the Roadblock. Oh, wait. She doesn't say that. Actually, she says this leg was different and they did it on their own. Which, considering they didn't even get the earlier flight themselves, is rather a stretch. But, good for them. I understand their enthusiasm, even if I think they've gotten outrageously lucky and are here basically for that reason. When your luck is somebody else's screw-up, you deserve to finish the leg ahead of them, so it's a perfectly legitimate placement; it's just funny that she would draw a distinction that specifically doesn't apply.

Rob and Amber hop out at the Forteblock, and Rob takes it. He starts up and gets to the top pretty quickly. Ron and Kelly are arriving, and then they're meeting up with Amber as she waits for Rob. Amber is not happy to see them. "Hopefully, they dropped their gnome somewhere," she says halfheartedly. Heh. Rob runs around the top of the tower, hunting for the key, and Ron starts up the ladder for his team. "Catch up with Rob, babe," Kelly encourages. At the top, Rob gets his key and starts down the rappel. Kelly and Amber enjoy an unpleasant reunion down on the ground by the front entrance, waiting for their boys to arrive. Everyone in the room where I was watching this: "Um, awkward."

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