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Happy Turkey Day

Meredith and Gretchen are on the way to the Forteblock, and Meredith is happily explaining that nobody has seen Rob and Amber or Ron and Kelly since they got to Turkey.

As Amber and Rob approach the scales, she's unhappy about the fact that they walked rather than getting a cab. It may, in fact, be Amber's first display of temper in the entire race. "What's up, buddy?" Rob asks the scales guy when they finally reach him, and they retrieve their scale. They start in weighing, and Rob is, in the tradition of Gretchen, yelling at the crowd. "This is not going to be a problem for us," he insists.

Elsewhere, Ron says to Kelly, "I'm not mad at you." "I'm not mad at you, either," she says. "I'm just mad about the whole thing." "We should've known better," he says. And I agree. Oh, wait -- he's talking about getting the clue. Yeah, they should've known better about that, too. And then they have the world's coldest smooch. You don't like each other! Break up! Break up! God. At any rate, they arrive at the Columns and head inside, where it's all lit in blue, like a disco. They hunt around for the columns they need, and I kind of can't follow what they're doing, but there's a lot of hunting around in which Ron seems to be doing most of the work. They then head over to pull something up out of the well.

Meredith and Gretchen arrive at the Forteblock, and I think they spot the rope ladder, because Gretchen immediately starts complaining about how bad it looks. But when they read the clue, she agrees to do the climb, which kind of surprised me. Meredith credits Gretchen's "determination" as she goes, but hopes she'll be all right. She immediately starts to find the climb very difficult, and -- not all that shockingly -- she complains.

Rob and Amber continue weighing people, and they're quickly done. They get the clue to the Forteblock, and they leave in a taxi.

Ron and Kelly work different combinations of numbers in their lock to try to open the box they pulled up from the bottom. Eventually, they get the lock open, and they get the clue sending them to the Forteblock.

Gretchen climbs and complains about how she doesn't have the energy, how her legs are killing her, how she's in "big trouble"'s basically her usual.

Commercials. I cannot imagine anything lamer than a Honda belt buckle.

When we come back, Gretchen is still climbing. And she's still griping. Loudly. A lot. About how hard it is. Which I'm sure it is, but still. I've never heard anyone say that constantly narrating how much pain you're in can really help you endure a challenge of that kind. Finally, she gets to the top, which is a great relief to us all, because enough, and she moans as she is dragged up and over. She hunts for her key.

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