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Happy Turkey Day

Meredith and Gretchen are just now finding the man with the scales. They wander the streets, and she whines all, "Oh, God," as she is wont to do.

Finally, Uchenna spots the key hanging on a peg along the wall, and he declares himself ready for the rappel. He starts down the wall, and at the bottom, he unlocks the clue. The clue tells them to search the interior of the fortress and find an overlook where the pit stop is located. But first, you have to let your partner into the fortress. "Where's my princess?" Uchenna asks as he goes to the front entrance. He lets her in, and they run toward the pit stop. We move directly to the mat, where Phil and the greeter await. They are welcomed to Turkey, and they are told that they are team number one. Phil then asks them for their gnome, but they do not have the airplane gnome. He asks them whether they feel confident, and they report that they do. Hugs. Yay! Uchenna loves his awesome bald wife!

Meredith and Gretchen now have their scale, and she is still talking in that damn whiny voice that just drives me out of my bird. She's also walking around asking for "grande people," because as you know, Spanish is the official language of Turkey. They weigh people as happy music plays.

Rob and Amber grab a taxi to what will be the Detour clue box. Ron and Kelly are on their way there as well.

Back at the scales, Meredith and Gretchen are done at last, which is a relief to me, because I don't think I could listen to her yell at the crowd anymore. They get the clue to the fortress and get in their cab.

Rob and Amber are at the Detour clue, and they choose the scales. They seem to have a little trouble with directions, however, and wind up wandering. Ron and Kelly, meanwhile, are hunting for the Detour clue, but like Meredith and Gretchen, they head up the tower to the top, where they see no clue. At the top, they bicker over whose fault it is that they came up here in the first place, and that's just not too promising, really. Rob and Amber still are looking for the scales guy, and they finally get directions for what is claimed to be a one-kilometer walk to the spot they need, so they take off on foot.

From the top of the tower, Kelly and Ron see the clue box on the ground. They go back down, and Ron tells her he thinks they never should have gone up. "Well, then, say, 'No, Kelly, I think we should go outside.'" Oh, sure. Because she always reacts so positively when he makes suggestions. "What do you think I did?" Ron asks in disbelief. "You didn't say, 'I think we should go outside,'" she says. She is just unpleasant, and now I think she's being unpleasant for unpleasant's sake. She shoves the clue back at him, and he smiles in irritation, as guys like that sometimes do, and says, "Okay, I'll play this game by myself from now on." When they finally get to the Detour, they choose the Columns option. They get a taxi. She just does not look happy at all. In the cab, Ron frets that he thinks they're trailing by a bigger margin than before. You know what I think? I think he intentionally didn't find the clue in order to get out of his commitment to going to the Roadblock.

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