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Laundry And Kicking

Anyway, Charla thinks the kung fu thing sounds like fun, which is what makes her a little bit cool, somewhere in there, under...well, Mirna. The BQs are pulling up outside. The teams pass in the entryway to the dry cleaners, but no punches are thrown. Mirna and Charla tell their driver to take them to where the kung fu is, while the BQs immediately pick that option as well. Kandice interviews that they "can only do kung fu once in our life," which... I'm not sure why that would be, since I think kung fu is legal in all 50 states, but all right. They get going.

Danny and Oswald continue to get strapped in for their stunt. Danny says he trusts the driver, but Oswald says, "My mother wants me back." Heh. Hey, we all want him back. Oswald also mentions that these are the only pants he has, so he's hoping nothing happens to them, if you see his point. Which you probably do. They get their helmets on, and Oswald chants to himself, "I came to win."

On the way to the kung fu Detour, Mirna tells Charla that she doesn't really think Charla can do it. Charla points out that she climbs ladders just fine, which should end the debate but doesn't. The BQs have the same theory in their cab that they doubt Charla will be able to do the thing with the scaffolding. And indeed, Charla relents under Mirna's doubting and says they can go do the one with the signs.

Danny and Oswald's stunt. Someone claims cameras are rolling (other than the obvious ones, I guess), and the van they're in screeches off, spins around, circles back, and ultimately runs up a ramp and flips onto its side. It then rights itself, and the show temporarily goes for this hilarious "ARE THEY DEAD?" thing, where the guy with the fire extinguisher is running toward the car very very seriously, but of course, they are not. They are excited and happy, and they take off their helmets and grab the clue, which is next to a Travelocity gnome. Damn you, gnome! The clue sends them to the Hong Kong Jockey Club, which Phil explains is the pit stop. It also tells them to bring the gnome, so they do. (It's a little bit like a kinky invitation to a date: "Come to the Jockey Club. Bring the gnome.") They hop into their car, absolutely tickled to death at what they did. "Baby, I told you I came here to win it," Oswald says.

Mirna and Charla are still debating the Detour in the car, wondering whether the finding of the sign is going to be really hard. Charla returns to the argument that she might be perfectly capable of doing the climbing thing. Mirna tells Charla to decide, which Charla already tried to do, of course. Charla finally says they're going to switch again and go to the scaffolding after all. They make their driver flip around.

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