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Laundry And Kicking

For whatever reason, Desmond decides to side with the bullies, so he leaves Oswald and Danny and Charla and Mirna on the list ahead of the BQs and Eric and Pink.

Mirna decides to go over and try to make an anti-BQ alliance with Eric, which is so fucking dumb I'm not even recapping it, except to say that they both come off looking a hundred times worse as a result. They kind of deserve each other, I guess. The only thing that makes me laugh is that you can tell that Eric still hates Mirna's guts, and she has no idea, because she is so convinced of her own adorableness and the righteousness of her cause that the idea that people are humoring her doesn't really occur to her.

In the end, the only team to get on the Air China flight is Danny and Oswald. Nobody else is getting on. But before they go, Danny and Oswald give Mirna the magic "BC-4" code for standby on Malaysia Airlines. I'm very suspicious, because that doesn't sound like any confirmation number I've ever heard. I'm not sure that this code is really as important as they're treating it -- I really think it's more the putting of names on the list that was significant. Oswald interviews, in by far his least appealing interview of all time, that he gave them this number because Mirna has shared information with them before, so this is "karma." Dude, no! It is not karma. Karma is being nice to people out in the world in an attempt to increase the total good behavior in circulation; this is just fucking over one team in favor of another, and it couldn't have less to do with karma. Karma cannot be confused with quid pro quo, you know? But at any rate, for whatever combination of reasons, Danny and Oswald leave on the first flight, which I don't feel nearly as good about as usual.

Convinced that they're covered, since they're on standby for the 9:15 on Malaysia Air, Eric and Pink go off to change some money. Charla and Mirna and the BQs, however, book to Malaysia Air to deal with the standby situation there. Remember that up to this point, Mirna and Charla have done absolutely zero with Malaysia Air -- haven't been to the right office, wrong office, right person, wrong person -- they've done not one thing. At the Malaysia Air counter, however, Mirna tells the woman that she's got someone else's confirmation number. Since when can you get on a flight with someone else's information? I find it impossible to believe you can do that. Dustin, however, steps up and explains that she was the first person on the standby list, and that Mirna is full of shit when she keeps lecturing the woman that she's supposed to be first. Mirna hilariously starts instructing Dustin where she can stand and where she can't stand, as Dustin tells the woman to check the actual standby list and what names are on it. Mirna lies through her teeth (playing clean!) by telling the agent that her friends came for her at 4:00 AM, clearly implying that her friends at 4:00 AM put her name on the list, which is total bullshit. As I said, I think the code is actually not worth much, and what Mirna is really trying to do is argue that she was supposed to be put on the standby list at the same time Danny and Oswald were and it's a mistake that her name isn't there, and she's using the code as evidence that she was "with" Danny and Oswald. I mean, I'm pretty sure that standby list placement is not transferable, you know? At any rate, it wouldn't be all that noteworthy that she's doing this, except that the tactic relies entirely on lying during a week when she's moralizing about the Yield like it's tantamount to paying someone to hit your opponent in the knee with a tire iron.

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