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Laundry And Kicking

Eric and Pink get on standby with Malaysia Air for the 9:15 AM. They should be right behind the BQs, after Danny and Oswald, who are in first if the guy in the office actually legitimately put them there.

At 4:45 AM, Danny and Oswald and Charla and Mirna are a very unwelcome sight for the poor guy who comes around the corner to open up the office. You can kind of tell he's like, "Oh, shit, people." All four of them, including an uncharacteristically impolite Oswald and Danny, invite themselves to follow him into the office. The guy tells them that they need to wait for him downstairs at the counter, and they all immediately start flipping out and yelling at him simultaneously. Both teams lie through their teeth that they've been there since 4:00 AM -- implying they've been there for forty-five minutes, instead of less than fifteen. Finally, with all these obnoxious people crowding his space, the guy lets them inside. Despite the fact that the guy specifically asks her to leave the door open, and you'd think he'd have the right to make that choice, Charla closes it on Mirna's orders. This is a bad, bad morning behavior-wise for these people, who are basically just steamrolling this guy in a way that's not flattering to any of them.

Inside, Oswald tells Mirna to settle down. She says she wants to "do the talking," and he agrees, provided that she's willing to respect the order in which they arrived. Of course, it was the desire to circumvent the order in which people arrived that drove these teams to stalk this dude in the hallways in the first place, so I can't imagine why any of them feel entitled to have the order of this arrival respected. If you can go around Dustin and Kandice by going to the office, why can't Mirna go around you in whatever way she can find? It doesn't make any sense. The guy comes back and tells them that the chances of getting on the flight aren't very good. Mirna asks his name, and when he says it's Desmond, Mirna leans over into his personal space, as she always does, and she says, "Desmond, kick some people off." And she's really not saying it in a funny way at all -- she's saying it mean, and sort of insulting, like the natural end of the sentence is "you asshole." You can tell that Mirna has ascertained that this guy is feeling really uncomfortable and crowded by this situation. Her one natural skill, which is getting her own way through a total lack of concern with the way she treats people in the service industry, has led her to correctly realize that if she just bullies Desmond as hard as she can, he's probably going to give in, because she's making him so uncomfortable. So: "Desmond, kick some people off."

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