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The BQs are the first team to get to the airport, since they came directly here after leaving first. Inside, they learn that everything is closed, but the information desk lady is nice enough to look up flights for them. She tells them about the China Air and the Malaysia Air flights. China Air opens at 5:00 AM, and Malaysia Air opens at 4:00. Based on that information, they decide to go camp out at Malaysia Air. Eric and Pink get to the airport next, and they ask about internet access. They learn that it's downstairs, and they head for the elevator. As it happens, they run into the BQs, who are on their way to the Malaysia Air counter. The teams wind up sharing a very quiet, very tense elevator. The BQs get off at the floor where Malaysia Air is, while Eric and Pink stay on. Eric mutters, "They suck," which is pretty much his usual level of discourse. Mine, too, of course.

Danny and Oswald show up at the airport. The information desk woman tells them that the China Air office opens at 5:00 AM, and Malaysia Air opens at 4:00. Elsewhere, we see that the BQs have staked out the first spot at the Malaysia Air counter. When they see that the BQs have beaten them there, they decide to "walk around." Charla and Mirna, meanwhile, are the last team to get to the airport. They head downstairs toward China Air. Elsewhere, Oswald and Danny have located a Malaysia Airlines office. As the BQs wait at the counter, Oswald and Danny talk to a guy inside the office, who tells them that he can put them on the standby list for the 9:15 AM flight. He tells them that when they check in, they should say they're in group BC-4. They thank the guy, and Oswald skips down the hall, pleased to be told that he's Danny's "hero."

At 4:00 AM, the Malaysia Air counter opens, and the BQs go inside. The woman tells them that she can put them on the standby list, but "chances is very slim" of their getting on the flight. So we are going back into what I consider the worst thing about this season, which is the endless rounds of standing around counters trying to get off standby. It's not even strategy; it's just whining and having a pushy-off. The agent gives the BQs their "standby tickets," which we did not see given to Oswald and Danny, which is interesting. As Eric and Pink step up to talk to Malaysia Air, the BQs head back to information, where they learn the location of the China Air counter.

At 4:30 AM, Oswald and Danny find their way to a China Airlines office. Charla and Mirna soon show up there, too, having apparently come there straight from the taxi.

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