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1:29 AM. Charla and Mirna. Mirna happily claims in an interview that she and Charla have coined a new phrase: "Yield karma." Don't tell them that they didn't coin it; you'll just make her sad, and she'll start begging for mercy in that charming accent. Mirna then cranks up her disappointed-playground-supervisor voice as she says, "There's really no reason to resort to dirty play, like the beauty queens." I have to respect Mirna's persistence and imperviousness to outside influence, given that she is the only person who came on the race this time who had a very bad reputation last time and managed to be much worse about absolutely everything. This is really all her "criminals, criminals" stuff from Season 5 all over again, which means she watched her entire season and never once cringed at herself. That takes a certain kind of resilience that most people lack. I mean, she's now managing to be morally outraged about things that literally have nothing to do with her. At any rate, Mirna says they're going to use "the muscles," then points to her head and says, "This muscle here is the one we try to use the most." She says this with absolutely no sense of irony, which is what makes it comic genius. It's like indignantly declaring, "I'm going to use my B-R-A-N-E."

1:50 AM. Eric and Pink. They have $88 for the leg. As they leave, Eric bitches some more about being Yielded. They are now looking for retribution, because the soul of fairness is and honor is the irrational grudge, as you undoubtedly know.

2:19 AM. Oswald and Danny. Oswald explains that they had a lot of money, but Danny blew it all in the last leg when he gave it to the guy who gave him old newspapers. I think Oswald is beginning to figure out that he's paying a hefty price for really not wanting to ride a bike. So now, they're broke except for what they've just been given. In what appears to be the mansion they just left, they use the phone to call the airport about flights. They learn that there's an 8:00 AM flight on China Air and a 9:15 AM flight on Malaysia Air, but they're both full, and you can't get on standby except by going to the airport.

Charla and Mirna stop at a Hilton and make some calls, getting the same information Danny and Oswald just got. For once, Mirna does not discover that there's a flight leaving in ten minutes, connecting through Miami and Reykjavik, getting there four hours ahead of everyone else, and showing a really good movie. They get in a cab and head for the airport.

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