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Laundry And Kicking

Danny and Oswald find the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Oswald carries their gnome as they run to the mat. When they get there, Danny immediately tells Phil that he's got a problem: no money. Poor Danny. Phil tells them that they're in first place, and then he tells them that they're getting the best Travelocity package ever: Chinese New Year right here in Hong Kong. Dancing! Fireworks! Parade! Perfect for them, that package. But Phil keeps the gnome.

Kandice finally finds the door that conceals the clue. She takes it back to Dustin. It sends them to Victoria Park, where they have to drive themselves. Phil explains that at the park, they'll find a model boat pond and a bunch of...Travelocity gnomes. Really. I know. The gnomes are on model boats, and the teams will engage in a traditional activity in which they'll pull the boat across the pond without knocking the gnome off. If he falls, they'll have to start over. The BQs hire the taxi to lead them to the park. Navigating yourself is for suckers!

Mirna and Charla finally get off the ferry, very much where they got on the ferry, and they get a cab to the police headquarters. Eric and Pink approach the kung fu Detour. The BQs, meanwhile, find their way to the model boat pond at the park, and they find the yellow sign that says "START." They slowly pull the gnome. Slowly, suspenseful! Slowly. Slowly. And then they take their gnome and get their clue off the model boat. There really wasn't much to this task except product-placing the gnomes. Lame! They have to bring their gnome with them as well, but at least they're getting the clue to the pit stop, so they're almost done. Phil reintroduces the Hong Kong Jockey Club as the pit stop, which I always find unnecessary and weird in episodes involving the Fast Forward. Presumably, the Hong Kong Jockey Club hasn't changed, and we haven't forgotten it. The BQs skip toward their car with their gnome in tow.

Mirna and Charla decide that Charla will kick down the doors, so she does. She tells us that she's actually pretty good at kicking stuff, and that her legs are really strong.

Eric and Pink find the kung fu Detour. "Look at the ninjas!" Eric exclaims. They climb.

Charla kicks in doors.

Climbing! Kicking! Kicking! Climbing! And then we watch Eric and Pink complete the Detour and get the clue for the Star Ferry. Charla tries to ignore Mirna's continual haranguing as she kicks at doors. I have a feeling that with every kick, she's envisioning a blonde face attached to the door.

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