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Laundry And Kicking

Elsewhere, the BQs hop off the ferry and get into a cab.

Mirna and Charla get to the Star Ferry terminal, and they get on the boat.

Eric and Pink get their clue from the dry cleaner. They know that the Fast Forward is certainly gone, so they go for the kung fu.

On the boat, Charla and Mirna talk to a young woman who gives them some interesting news: this is the Star Ferry, but it's not taking them to Hong Kong Island. That was Hong Kong Island. It turns out that their driver drove them to -- just as he said -- "Star Ferry, Hong Kong Island." They really didn't need to tell him "Hong Kong Island," is the thing. They needed to tell him "Star Ferry." But honestly, this isn't really their fault -- this is bad luck, contrasted with the insanely good luck they usually have. ["One might call it...karma? No, that can't be right." -- Joe R] They declare it a nightmare, they ask for God to help them, and so forth. I'm sure they also asked their dead relatives to intervene, though it's not shown this time. Maybe the dead relatives didn't sign the release.

After another set of charming Canadian commercials, we return to find Charla and Mirna receiving the good news that they can stay on the ferry they're on, and it will turn around and go right back to Hong Kong Island. They also figure out that Eric and Pink probably landed about a half-hour ago.

Eric and Pink are on their way to the kung fu. Charla and Mirna are making wishes on the ferry. Mirna wishes to get home safely, and then adds the part where she wants the million dollars. If she wins the money, I swear...I don't even know.

Hey, remember Danny and Oswald? They're in first place, and they're looking for the Hong Kong Jockey Club, as they purportedly have been doing for quite some time. As they go through a...toll or something, they learn that it costs exactly twenty...whatever the unit is, and that's how many they have. ("Eleven hundred is just how much I charge for acting lessons!")

The BQs make it to the old police headquarters. They run in and get a clue for a Roadblock that asks "who's ready to break down the barriers." As Phil explains, in this Roadblock, teams will find a clue by kicking down doors in an abandoned building until they find the room with their clue in it. (Culturally Sensitive Lesson #4: Hong Kong = Kicking Stuff!) As you can imagine, the doors have conveniently been set to hang by a thread. Or a hinge, or whatever. Kandice takes the Roadblock, and she starts kicking the doors in. At one point, she peels a kind of crappy-looking decal off of something, and she can't satisfy herself completely that it's not the clue, so she carries it around for a while, which is a little funny. She's like, "Well, it's probably not this dirty thing, but what if it is?"

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