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Laundry And Kicking

Mirna and Charla finally find the scaffolding address. As they run toward the task, Mirna says, "How the heck are you going to climb that? Each step is longer than your legs!" As they get their equipment on, Mirna starts in with the broken English, saying, "One day kung fu fighting, one day fighting beauty queens." Ay yi yi. Once they get going, while it's true that it's tougher for Charla because the rungs are farther apart compared to how tall she is, she scrambles up pretty well. Mirna, on the other hand, is already complaining: "Can you tell these kung fu fighters go away a little?" Yes, she would like a little less task with her task, if that's okay. As Mirna climbs, she barks at them in her affected accent, "Okay, that's enough fighting! We are trying to make love, not war!" Interesting choice of tasks, if this was going to bother her quite this much. If there's one person who brings love into the world, I would have to admit: it's Mirna.

As Eric and Pink look for the dry cleaner, Pink comments that Hong Kong really reminds her of New York City. It's certainly big and busy. Maybe that's enough.

Mirna and Charla keep climbing. At one point, Mirna does her own "Hi-YA!" routine, only hers is more over the top (of course), so the sound effects guy puts in a bunch of fake punching noises -- what Mystery Science Theater 3000 called "the meat slammers" -- and they even speed her up a little. Cute. Of course, she has to ruin it by turning around and doing her "Hong Kong, I love you!" moment, like she's Eva Peron with fewer followers. A lot fewer. Okay, maybe she's more like Angie Peron, Eva's lesser known sister.

The BQs find their way to the Star Ferry and board, noting that it leaves every ten minutes.

Charla and Mirna finish the Detour. What's kind of a bummer is that once Charla is done, rather than hearing Charla talk about the experience, we hear Mirna talk about how Charla feels about the experience, specifically how she's there to challenge people's assumptions about what she can and can't do. Which, in this case, would specifically include Mirna's assumption, expressed repeatedly, that Charla couldn't climb the scaffolding, even after Charla specifically said she could. I'd really rather hear Charla talk about all this stuff instead of hearing Mirna go on about it, since...isn't that obviously better? Anyway, they grab the Star Ferry clue. Ironically, in the cab, Mirna speaks in complete sentences for once, telling the driver that they "need to go to the Star Ferry, to go to Hong Kong Island." Which her driver repeats back as, "Hong Kong Island, Star Ferry." As they head into a tunnel, Mirna wonders aloud whether he's really going the right way, but the driver assures her that he is.

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