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Laundry And Kicking

Meanwhile, the BQs arrive at the scaffolding and watch the kung fu guys hanging and banging around. There's this funny tone to this entire sequence -- this "YOU HAVE WALKED IN ON A FIGHT!" sense of urgency that's very good-natured in exactly the same way kung fu movies are. Like, the guy who takes the BQs to get suited up really hustles them over, like he's very nervous that if they don't get dressed now, somebody's going to get cartilage in the brain. Like, Jackie Chan is on his way with a ladder and a flagpole right now. The BQs are outfitted with safety ropes, and they're really playing along, talking about how the fighters are trying to "intimidate" them, and they will not allow it. Will not! They share a high-five and head up the scaffolding.

Mirna, meanwhile, is trying to get her cab driver pointed in the right direction after already turning him around once. She and Charla grab some nice people on the street, but they don't seem to know where the address is either. Maybe if she reminded them how young she is.

The BQs continue to ascend. Dustin can't help throwing out a foot with a little "Hi-YA!", a little, you know, on the nose, but what else can you do when they present it to you this way? It helps no one to take the kung fu fighters seriously, I don't think. I might have sung the song, though. In fact, I'm sure someone did, and they just didn't air it because they couldn't afford the rights.

Now, Charla is getting in on the harass-the-cab-driver action, telling him to hurry up and go. I'm not sure failure to understand that driving is what's expected is a problem with cab drivers nearly as much as contestants act like it is. They tend to behave as if the cab drivers will be like, "Oh, oh, drive, okay. Most people just want me to sit here."

The BQs complete the climb up the scaffolding. When they're done, they get a clue that they read once they're down on the ground. The clue tells them to take the Star Ferry -- which has been on this show before -- to Hong Kong Island, and Phil explains that once they're there, they'll take a taxi about four miles to the old police headquarters, now abandoned. There, they'll find another clue. The BQs get in a cab and head to Star Ferry.

Hey, here comes Eric and Pink's plane! In last place, they run through the airport and get themselves to a taxi. In the cab on the way to the dry cleaner, Pink does a little griping about how Mirna is rude and obnoxious and it seems to work for her, so they need to be nastier, as "apparently, being nice doesn't really get you too far." Oh, Pink. Don't be cynical.

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