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Laundry And Kicking
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Previously on Frankfurt, My Dear, Does Not Give A Damn: The teams proceeded to Malaysia, except for Uchenna and Joyce, who missed their too-tight connection and wound up cooling their heels in the Frankfurt airport while everybody else chomped on cookies and cycled around with old newspapers on the backs of their bikes. When the rules called for each team to decide whether to give itself an advantage over another team currently behind it, the BQs decided they would indeed give themselves that advantage, directing the disadvantage at Eric and Pink on the theory that they were (1) a threat, and (2) behind the BQs at the time. Eric and Pink, and later a typically histrionic Mirna and Charla, concluded that this was an obvious showing of bad character, because the last thing you're supposed to do in a competition is think of yourself at the expense of others. It was all academic, though, because by the time Uchenna and Joyce showed up at the pit stop, everything was long over, and they were Philiminated. Four teams remain. Who will be

Credits. I miss Guido so much already. [BOMP.]

Kuala Lumpur! Those two big towers! We've been here before! The supply of countries is running short! Soon, we will have to try other planets! Phil provides the Founding Trivia Of The Week, which is that this particular city was founded by tin miners. It's too bad we don't have much tin anymore. You basically only hear "piece of tin" in relation to cars that fall apart easily, which, in fairness, are rarely even made of tin. Tin needs better PR. High above the city is a mansion that served as the pit stop for the leg. Phil is still in last week's red shirt, which (spoiler!) is the best shirt he will be wearing this week by leaps and bounds. Phil wonders whether the BQs' decision to Yield Eric and Pink will have any negative consequences, and whether...well, actually, that's all he wonders. Phil is suffering from a dip in inquisitiveness.

12:28 AM. The BQs open their clue, which tells them to fly to Hong Kong. Phil says this is a little over 1500 miles, and when they get there, they'll take a taxi 22 miles to the Sun Wah Kiu Dry Cleaning & Laundry, where they'll get a clue. (Culturally Sensitive Lesson #1: Hong Kong = People Who Do Laundry!) As they leave, Dustin voices over that they don't really anticipate that they'll be best buddies with Eric and Pink, which is a good guess, because Eric and Pink are in fact Eric and Petty. Well, Petty and Petty, but that just sounds like a law firm. A really good law firm, actually. Anyway, the BQs get a cab to the airport. Dustin interviews that the Yield is really just part of the game, and of course, that's what she thinks. It's not really what anybody else thinks. The funny thing is that Dustin and Kandice were infinitely more screwed by stuff like the Intersection than Eric and Pink were by the Yield, and they stopped complaining that they never started. Isn't that funny?

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