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Nick and Vicki get to the clue box at the bridge, right where the giant suspension cables are anchored to the ground. Vicki will be taking this one, and she's pretty excited about it. "I'm the one that has the guts in this relationship," she says. Nick looks over the railing and makes a few remarks about how high it is, and soon he's watching her lowering herself over the bridge. "She's crazy," he says. This is not entirely a news flash.

Chad and Stephanie are approaching the bridge, and even before they're out of the car, Chad says he'll do it. "Yeah, you will," Stephanie agrees. They and Nick spot each other as they drive past over the bridge. After reading the clue, they haven't changed their minds about Chad doing it. Meanwhile, down below, Vicky lowers herself into the boat and gets the clue envelope hooked to herself as Chad approaches the platform in his gear and body-cam. Soon Vicki is on her way back up, comparing herself to Hercules. She's more than halfway up by the time Chad begins his ascent. She and Nick are right about one thing; they do best when they don't have to engage their brains. Although I don't think those were their exact words.

Over in Harvika, Michael and Kevin are the first team to arrive at the clue box in the field, which puts them in second place overall. It's a Detour, which means another tortured explanation from Phil about what the two options have to do with each other in the first place. In this case, it's about how people in this region want to get outside during the time of the year when the sun shines, but still need to get their work done. As his head emerges from behind a bush on a high ridge, Phil says the racers will have to choose between "Bike" or "Boat." "Bike" is pretty straightforward; the racers pick out a pair of mountain bikes, each with a different-colored bike lock. Then they ride what Phil calls "a grueling course" to a sign displaying the four-digit combination for each color's lock. Then they have to ride back and open the locks, which contain their next clue, without falling off their bikes and causing the combination to fall right out of their heads.

"Boat" is a little wackier, or at least more random; they'll need to ride a launch boat to a fishing trawler, and will use a provided map to steer the captain to a place on shore where they'll get to climb off using a web of ropes, ladders, and inner tubes. Then they'll walk up to a cabin carrying a pair of large cod and a chainsaw, just to maximize the oddball factor, I guess. Michael and Kevin go with the boat option, because I can't see Michael on a mountain bike ending well. And neither can Kevin. He figures it's safer, plus this way they enjoy the view out on the water.

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