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Meanwhile, back at the bridge, Thomas has passed Claire on the ascent, and Kevin's nearly back up. Claire whines up to Brook that she's exhausted, and Brook hollers down as much encouragement as she can. "Bam, just shut up," Claire calls back gratefully. For once, Brook has nothing to say, and just gives us a sheepish what are you going to do? smile. Not much, unless her backpack has a watermelon in it. Kevin swings back onto the outer catwalk of the bridge, so he's done. "I'm glad you didn't do that," he tells his dad. Kevin barely has the arm strength left to open his clue, but presumably Michael never did.

Phil says they'll now need to find a remote field in Harvika whose only distinguishing feature is a clue box in the middle of it. Gary's also finishing up, and Thomas is closing in as well. Claire's pretty much just dangling, though. Gary and Mallory run off to catch up with Michael and Kevin, Claire claims her arms are going to fall off, and Thomas is back on the bridge deck, putting him and Jill in fourth place. Claire's almost crying, and Brook calls down, "All I want is for you to finish this. I don't care how, I don't care when." Going by Claire's near-sobs, Brook should be more worried about "if."

Back from the ads, Brook yells down at Claire to pray to her grandma for strength. Claire interviews that her grandma died four days before they left. What is it with people's relatives dying right before they go on the race? If I ever hear that a family member is going to be on The Amazing Race I'm going to stay in bed until they're gone. Brook talks about Claire's grandma as being "the spiciest woman you ever met," which tells me that Claire's grandma was in a Hollywood romantic comedy. But evoking her seems to work for Claire, who gets back to work hauling herself up. Somewhere her grandma is letting loose with a saucy, foul-mouthed cheer.

Katie and Rachel find the clue box in last place, and compare their situation to coming in from behind in volleyball. They're just hoping to catch Chad and Stephanie now. You know what works better than catching up? Not falling behind to begin with.

Claire is still dangling below the bridge all by her lonesome, so it seems a little mean to give her the one floating subtitle. She's at least level with the truss as she says this is the hardest thing she's ever done in her life. Finally she gets back up there and they get their clue. They jog back to their cars, Brook once again saying, "Good job, chica." If you're going to be teamed with someone who can't shut up, at least it's a plus to have her also be highly capable of encouragement and praise.

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