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Nick and Vicki are on their was to the Fast Forward, and Vicki says she's pretty sure everyone did it; "I don't see why not." I'm sure that's true. But when they get to the restaurant and Vicki is almost through the door before seeing the "Fast Forward Taken" sign posted on it, they have no idea what that means. Is someone inside using the Fast Forward? Do they have to wait for someone to come back with the Fast Forward? Has the Fast Forward become taken with a dashing cad from the big city? They stand around looking confused, and even in the post-leg interview, Vicki admits she still has no idea what happened. How is their crew not cracking up? I used to think it would be fun (although exhausting and well beyond my abilities) to be a camera operator on this show, but now that I've seen that you clearly have to have your laugh surgically removed like a de-barked dog, it probably isn't worth it. They decide to bail on this and go to the Road Block, Nick acting all irritated like this situation is anyone's fault but their own.

Nat and Kat, meanwhile are already at Ankenes Marina, and they go running out to the end of a jetty where Phil is waiting with a bearded, sweatered local. The latter welcomes them to Narvik, Norway, and the former asks them, "Would you guys like to be team number one?" They jump up and down as he tells them they didn't eat the sheep's head for nothing; they won a trip to Costa Rica. Kat interviews that they're going to keep doing what they're doing. I hope that doesn't include the headband she's wearing. Back on the mat, Nat says she's glad to have Kat on her team. So that's a wrap for Team @ this week. And in the next leg we'll get to watch their multi-hour lead get picked to pieces in the Narvik airport like a roasted sheep's head.

A splitscreen transition brings us to Chad and Stephanie, who are still riding the gondola up the mountain when Nat and Kat have already finished the leg. They realize that there is really no point in doing the Fast Forward, because they are a) in seventh place and b) not as stupid as Nick and Vicki, so they're off to the bridge.

They've gotten all the way down the mountain and are running back to their car (quite visible in their matching orange jackets) when the volleyball team is pulling up. "There's a lot of leg left," Katie and Rachel encourage each other on their way up the mountain in last place. Which, coincidentally, is also one of the slogans to convince people to watch beach volleyball.

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