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On to Skjombrua Bridge, an impressive suspension job spanning a wide fjord. The dad teams are the first to arrive and learn that it's a Road Block, and it calls for strength, stamina, and guts. Suddenly we see Phil standing outside the bridge's railing, telling us that a member of each team will need to step off, rappel down, and then signal to one of only two Zodiac boats (challenge, or budget issue?) that will be plying the fjord and handing out clues. Then they need to climb the 130 feet back up the cable, using one of those ratchet-like ascender thingies this show loves so much. Gary and Kevin are doing this, the latter because, as he interviews later, the clue said it called for "strength, stamina, and guts, and my dad..." "I don't have none," Michael laughs. Hey, Michael has guts. He never did vomit them out on that soccer field in Ghana, as far as we know.

Team QVC arrives a bit late at the bridge, and Brook hands this one off to a reluctant Claire, promising to do the next one no matter what it is. Brook acts all excited on behalf of Claire, who informs her, "You are such a little--"

Kevin and Gary are approaching the platform. Mallory remarks on their hero-walk, and does an imitation of it that looks more like Curious George with E.T.'s hand up his ass. Claire is also geared up, and has to explain to her Norwegian guide what a wedgie is, because she's having one right now.

Back at the Fast Forward, Nat says, "Mmm, crunchy," which is a nice little revenge for Kat's earlier comment about height of the gondola. They're still powering through, though: "Tastes like a million dollars," Kat says. Well, half a million, but then they're each only eating half the head.

Kevin and Gary are both over the rail, and Kevin starts lowering himself down while Michael calls down encouragement. Gary's right behind Kevin, but goes down faster. Not that it matters; now they're both just dangling a few yards above the fjord waiting for a boat. "My ____ are already gettin' it, Gary confides to Kevin, who quips back, "I don't know what you're talking about." They're more worried about the climb than the descent, though. What goes down must go back up, right? Although right now I'm sure they were wishing that were true of their testicles.

Nat and Kat are almost done, and turn to their host for encouragement. He just glares wordlessly at them. "You're very inspiring," Nat deadpans right back at him. They eat their last morsel and hand over the stripped skull to their host for inspection. He's satisfied, and hands over their Fast Forward clue. Now all they have to do is drive to Ankenes Marina, this leg's Pit Stop, about which we will presumably be learning more later. As they run back to their car, they discuss whether to get sick now or after they get to the Pit Stop, and decide to put it off for later. Seems like a solid strategy.

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