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Jill and Thomas are leaving at 6:48. Thomas reminds us that he went to Notre Dame, and that he always pictured himself being with someone who went to college, "Because those are the people that I'm around." No wonder cosmetology school grad Jill's so defensive all the time. Which she cops to in an interview, and says that she wants to show Thomas she can do things, too. In the car, she asks if he's ever been in a gondola. "Yeah, I've been in a lot of gondolas before," Thomas says, either lording it over her or just messing with her. In either case, she seems to feel like it's the latter. Of course you can't think of Notre Dame without picturing the famous gondolas crisscrossing the campus, right? [Maybe he spent a lot of time at the Venetian in Vegas? -- Angel] Oddly, we don't see Jill interviewing that she didn't expect to be with someone like Thomas because the people she's around tend to own combs.

Mallory/Gary and Brook/Claire have reached Narvik, but are now conferring on where to go next. The funny thing is that they're doing so without getting out of or even stopping their respective cars, circling a roundabout and hollering at each other out of their open windows. They can see a mountaintop spire in the distance, and Brook ends up taking the lead in that direction.

Nick and Vicki leave the Pit Stop in sixth place, at 7:11 AM, and are amused by their inability to read the clue. "They got some funky names," Nick remarks, giving Bill Bryson a run for his money.

Nat and Kat have already found the gondola station, which is the good news, but they're a little worried about what they'll be expected to do once they get to the top, because Nat's afraid of heights. I'm going to drop a spoiler here and say they don't need to worry.

Chad and Stephanie leave at 8:12, in seventh place, and they get the annual dud clue -- you know, the one that doesn't open properly when they rip the strip. They soon get into the car, and Chad says, "If we execute flawlessly we should be able to jump up a decent amount of spots." But what if everyone else executes flawlessly, too? Or if the people who do make mistakes that would seem costly actually suffer no consequences because of poor race design? Not that that would ever happen.

Katie and Rachel are off at 8:34. In other words, almost two hours behind Jill and Thomas, who used their Express Pass to "save" themselves. Unless that tent Detour took two hours, they should be feeling a little foolish right now. In any case, the volleyball team isn't giving up. "This is not Amazing Friend," Rachel interviews, like anyone asked. She says they'll do what it takes to win, and then clarifies to Katie that the two of them are amazing friends. Whatever. On the way to Narvik, they comment that they already know Nat is afraid of heights, so they're hoping she'll choke. So clearly they're not Nat's amazing friends.

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