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Sure enough, because those two teams got lost, Gary and Mallory are the next to reach the Pit Stop. "I like today," Mallory says as they run along the jetty. Phil pops an eyebrow at them, which cracks Mallory up and makes her wish she could do that too. Not that being unable to do it stops her from trying, and thus looking even more demented than usual. "What number are we?" she asks. Like a counting horse, Phil pops his eyebrow twice at them to tell them they're team number two -- for the third time in a row, if memory serves -- and Gary interviews that this is very different than watching it on your couch at home. I'll have to take his word for it. But try watching it on your couch at home with a laptop.

Nick and Vicky get to Harvika and decide on Bikes. Chad and Stephanie arrive in seventh and Stephanie's thinking Boat. While suiting up for the Bike task with helmet and gloves, Nick says he rode BMX as a kid, and interviews that he's been riding dirt bikes competitively since he was twelve. And thus he has no choice but to leave his girlfriend behind as he takes off along the course. Then Chad and Stephanie are being rowed to the fishing trawler (Chad reminding the boatman that they're in a race and wondering if they could maybe go faster), and Team QVC delivers the fish and chainsaw. "Some nice, stanky, heavy, dirty fish for you," Brook says to the lodge keeper. They chat him up as much as they can given how out of breath they are. "Why do you live up here?" Claire bluntly wonders. "Yeah, it's a bit silly," agrees Brook, who doesn't even have the excuse of exhaustion. But then he gives them their clue and they give him kisses and say lots of nice things before heading back down the hill. Kiss count: seven.

As Jill and Thomas approach the bridge, he still isn't sure this is the same bridge he rappelled from earlier, even though he can totally see someone rappelling from it right now. What, does he think that all bridges in Norway have people rappelling from them at all times? Is that something he learned at Notre Dame? He drives hesitantly while crossing the bridge as Jill tells him to hurry up and get it over with, so they and the volleyball team totally spot each other. Kevin still follows them, though, because you have to do more than get lost to keep Kevin from following you. Katie finishes the task, and they rush off, still thinking they can be the comeback kids. "We just totally ruined ourselves!" Thomas bitches, not for the first time. Is that going to be his catchphrase? Because it's not the best one I've ever heard.

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