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Katie has lowered herself to the boat, and starts heading back up with her clue. Jill and Thomas return to the start of the bike course and become the first to complete the Detour, so they'll be going to the Pit Stop in second place. Phil repeats that this would be the Ankenes Marina, which we now learn was a military stronghold during World War II and is now a seaside marina. You know, as opposed to the common landlocked ones, which are frequently not as popular. They get back into their car and head out, with Gary and Mallory not far behind.

Michael and Kevin, who have apparently been hiking uphill this whole time, finally reach the lodge. "Here's your fish. Here's your chainsaw," Kevin says to the guy in sweater and overalls who hands them their next clue in exchange. They wish him a nice day and learn they're going to the Pit Stop, although they don't learn that they've officially dropped to fourth place. This boating option clearly takes a lot longer. Kevin tells Michael he can rest on the boat ride back, which is good because just getting back on the boat proves a little arduous for Michael. "We're doing good today," Kevin says nevertheless. They wave to Brook and Claire as their boats pass each other, so I guess there are no hard feelings about that situation a couple of weeks ago when... oh, hell, I can't even remember myself now.

Now it's Team QVC's turn to haul fish and a chainsaw up the hill, and the fish falls to Brook, presumably because Claire's worn out from her ascent to the bridge. "My body's in shock," Claire says as she all but drags the chainsaw up the hill. I'm sure if she could figure out a way to dismantle the chainsaw and convert it to a tow cable to pull her up the trail, she'd be doing it right now.

Gary and Mallory have spotted a lighthouse, which they recognize as a sign that they're approaching the Pit Stop. Michael and Kevin are finally back ashore from their Boat Detour. But Jill and Thomas, who left the Detour before Gary and Mallory, aren't finding the marina. Jill, however, spots the bridge Thomas just dangled from earlier today, although Thomas insists, "It's a totally different bridge." Jill mocks him for thinking she's crazy and claiming to know all the bridges in Norway, and the bridge is getting closer and looking a lot more familiar. How many big, gray, two-tower suspension bridges are there in this neighborhood, anyway? Kevin and Michael also spot the bridge, but they don't waste any time or effort discussing whether it is the same one, because they know it is.

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