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We're back in Bangladesh, railroad-track-side cooking and all, as Phil informs us that almost than 90% of the country's population is Muslim. And he's telling us this why? Oh, so he can also inform us that the country's capital, Dhaka, is also known as the City of Mosques, "some of which date back 500 years." And here are a few of them now. Glad to see that they seem to be holding up well. We return to the Burigonga river on the outskirts of town. "And on the banks of the river. Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat, the start of the fifth leg in a race around the world." Which, coincidentally, is right where we left off last week.

You'll recall that James and Abba won the previous leg, and we rejoin James sitting at a laptop two hours before the start of this one. At first it looks like another one of those staged things where the winners of a trip get to check out their prize online, but that impression is quickly dispelled when James VOs about the tests his dad was undergoing at the time James left for the race, after some previous bouts with cancer. James is on a video chat with his wife back home, who breaks the news that it's been determined that James's dad has stage four cancer, with no chance of remission. That is terrible, seriously. They both fight back tears, and Abba also looks pretty emotional as he watches in the background. So is Team Metal going home now? Nope -- James tells us that this is going to give him greater motivation. I'm sure he'll want to maximize his time with his father, but he gets that the race can only be completed so fast, right?

Now that's been dispensed with, Team Metal gets to start this leg at 7:39 AM, and the first clue tells them to go to Jatrabari Market, which Phil says is the most popular wholesale produce market in Dhaka. Come on, Phil, everybody knows that. They'll need to find an eggplant vendor named Beghun (I have no idea with the spelling, sorry) who will give them their next clue. They head off in search of a designated taxi stand, and James interviews about the crowds and people clogging every inch of public space. They soon find the taxi stand at get into one of the cabs, saying, "We're off and sweating." The cab starts skidding its way up the crowded street, inches from entire families of pedestrians, as James and Abba talk about how they hope to never see another team again. Or at least not until they're all waiting for them at the giant mat. Some of the teams they're racing against, I can't blame them.

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