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Breaking the Mold

In Zermatt, the other re-racers are busily painting the insides of their gnome-molds with the different-colored chocolates, one hue at a time. Vyxsin is trying to be careful with the details, although Kent keeps calling to her to not get caught up in them. Mallory has her gnome's brown boot and belts painted inside one half of her mold, so she's instructed to put it in the freezer to dry while she works on the other half. Vyxsin says the way to go was to swap back and forth, not that she seems to realize this at the time. But Kent does, and he keeps saying, "Vyx, some people are putting one half in the oven while they work on the other half." "Freezer, maybe, probably not the oven, honey," Vyxsin says without stopping what she's doing. I love that "probably." My wife says "probably" to me when she really means "idiot." Flight Time goes to the freezer to park one of his molds in there. "I notice they're running halves to the oven and we haven't done that yet," Kent says, like he's working on this too. Vyxsin again says it's the freezer, missing the point, and Mallory notices Kent's repetitive babbling. "I couldn't take that," she interviews. Did Mallory just imagine an alternate universe in which she and Kent are dating? Now that's Inception-like.

Zev and Justin arrive at the chocolate shop, so they couldn't have been all that far behind. Since Justin has done five Road Blocks and Zev three, this one has to be Zev. They head in and join the other re-racers. "Just painting with food," Zev says. "I can handle painting." Vyxsin seems to be falling behind, at least with freezing the different layers, but she gets one in there, on the bottom shelf on the right. "So mine's on the bottom," she mutters to herself, complete with subtitles, which tells us there's going to be confusion.

And here it comes. Re-racers keep painting, each under close guidance from the chocolatiers, and Flight Time decides to go switch molds. But as soon as he opens the freezer, he announces, "Somebody got mine." Sure enough, there's confusion, as he and Jen try to figure out which is whose. Flight Time grabs the one from the bottom that Vyxsin just put in. Vyxsin says that's hers, and out of nowhere, Big Easy starts getting pissed, completely flying off the handle. Jen and Mallory both seem to be sure they have the right ones, but there's no way to confirm that from the editing. Vyxsin tells Flight Time to put hers back please. "Calm down, sister," he snaps at her. A consensus starts to form between Big Easy and Kisha that Vyxsin didn't paint the bottom part on both halves of her mold, even though we saw that the one she put in the freezer, at least, did have that part complete. "I think there are too many cooks in the kitchen," Zev says from outside the fray. For five seconds there it must have been nice to be in last place. The controversy continues even as Flight Time agrees to do part of his work over, and Big Easy and Kisha decide between the two of them that it's all Vyxsin's fault. Which, I don't like Kent or Vyxsin, but that's crap. It could have just as easily been a mistake made by Jen or Mallory, or even Flight Time himself, but because Vyxsin isn't popular among the other racers like Jen and Mallory are she gets hogpiled, when in fact she's the only person we actually saw putting the mold in question into the freezer. Kent comes over all loyal-boyfriend for once and tries to defend her, but Big Easy isn't hearing it, and shuts him down. Flight Time, the one who actually has to do it, goes the classy route. "I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose, we're not blaming nobody," he says while he focuses on his work -- or whoever's work it was until a minute ago. Mallory suggests switching back, but Big Easy petulantly says he doesn't want to talk about it any more. Well, okay, don't, then. Vyxsin unhappily interviews that they should grow up. Big Easy is yelling about karma, which I'm sure Jet and Cord might have something to say about, and Vyxsin maintains, "I'm hurt, and I'm kinda pissed."

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