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Breaking the Mold

Justin has uncovered an elbow, but that's as far as they've gotten and their mannequin's still pretty stuck. Also, they keep standing on him. It almost seems like it would be better to be rescued by Kent and Vyxsin. Gary is worrying at his mannequin's bottom half, groaning and grunting loudly in the thin air. Mallory interviews, "My dad's the oldest racer, but I definitely don't think that's holding him back." I originally mistyped "dad" as "dayd" in that sentence. Or was it a typo at all?

Flight Time and Big Easy get their guy back to the surface,. "He's aliiiiive!" Big Easy bellows to the heavens before they get back on their helicopter.

Justin asks Zev what he's "focused on," which I think is the most polite way Justin can think of to say "what the hell are you doing?" Zev insists he's busy digging, but Justin says Zev's only knocking stuff down. Well, maybe your hole is too narrow, geniuses. In fact, their mannequin is completely covered again. Shit, man, if the avalanche doesn't kill you, Zev and Justin will. Across the snowfield, Gary is gasping for air as he and Mallory wrestle the bottom half of their mannequin out of the snow. "I think he's gonna make it," Gary says with completely unfounded optimism. Seeing them head back to their chopper, Justin wonders, "Could they really have breezed through that?" I don't think there was much breezing.

Kisha and Jen's helicopter drops them off at the ski resort, and it looks like it's a bit of a hike from there to the train platform. They see Kent and Vyxsin's helicopter coming before they get there. The Goths settle down, or rather their helicopter does, because Vyxsin is still obsessed with how Kent needs to wipe his nose. Kisha pants that she's ready for beaches and palm trees. Soon they're at the train station, where they learn that the next train is leaving at 11:08 AM. Jen says they have some time to wait, so that Detour really couldn't have taken them very long. In fact, the last team to leave the heliport took off at 9:35, not more than an hour and a half before. Gary and Mallory catch up with them at the terminal, as do the Globetrotters. Gary tells the Rescuers about how hard the Search Detour was, and that Zev and Justin were still digging when he and Mallory left. "I don't think they'll make it," says a small woman in Mallory's clothes, but it can't be Mallory because she isn't smiling.

Justin chases Zev out of the hole, because as much as he keeps demanding Zev's help, he seems to think he's the only one who can actually dig. Further down the mountain, Kent seems to think it's his job to loudly herd everyone onto the train to Zermatt, and the four lead teams are soon on their way, looking at an automatic 25-minunte lead. Meanwhile, Justin is almost sobbing with the effort of trying to dig out. As he leans exhaustedly against the side of the hole, with snow encrusting his hat and beard, he says, "We're gonna be here forever." Or at least until the commercial's over.

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