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Breaking the Mold

"We're trying to save the body but it might already be dead," Zev tells us. Justin is down in the hole up to his chest, and although they could apparently see the body for a time, they can't any more as a result of all the snow they've knocked back down in there. Zev thinks he sees something and asks Justin to move his foot, but wouldn't you know it, that was Justin's foot he saw. At the other dig site, Gary throws a shovel of snow into Mallory's face, but they have at least found the dummy's head. The rescue dummy's head, I mean.

Kisha is still reeling Jen up. "She looks light, but she's kinda heavy," Kisha interviews after the leg. Jen protests that she's 144 pounds. "I don't know, I think her head takes up, like a lot more," Kisha interviews. I don't know how she can even speak through that look Jen is giving her. Soon Jen is up out of the crevasse, Kisha telling her, "You're heavier than you look, child." Kent is also back up on the surface and there's some Orpheus/Sandman imagery I just can't seem to properly parse here. Flight Time hooks his dude up to the rope and gets to start up.

Justin and Zev are chipping away at their slowly growing hole, although Justin is pretty impatient with Zev. Get out of the way and let him at the hole then, dude (that's what she said). Meanwhile, Mallory keeps flipping loads of snow into Gary's face, but at least he's loosened the torso of their mannequin. Unfortunately, its legs are still buried. So they'll have to get those.

Jen and Kisha have finished reeling their limp dude out of the crevasse, and pull their next clue out of his jacket. They're in first place as Phil narrates that they'll now get back in their helicopter, which will take them to a ski resort where they can catch a train back to Zermatt, specifically a place called Le Petit Cervin, which has a clue box standing outside. Jen says, "Had I known he had the clue, I would have just got the clue and left his ass down there." Not very sporting, but at least it's the first time Jen and Kisha have agreed on this Detour.

The guy being "rescued" by Kent and Vyxsin has to hang near the edge of the crevasse while they bicker for a while, but eventually they get him to the surface and leave in second place, but not without Vyxsin telling Kent to wipe his nose. "I can't!" he wails, but at least she doesn't offer to do it for him. Flight Time is nearly to the surface, and the thing is creaking. "It was easier for me to pull up two hundred pounds than him pulling up 275 pounds," Big Easy interviews. Also, we've seen them do that trick shot where Big Easy catches Flight Time in his arms, so we know he can bear the weight.

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