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Breaking the Mold

While getting on the helicopter, Zev and Justin debate their options and settle on Search, because Zev thinks it'll be easier. Easier for Zev, maybe. They're soon soaring over the mountains, and become the first racers, possibly ever, to tell their driver, "Slow down, slow down!" It's some stunning scenery they're flying over, especially when the Matterhorn appears over the horizon. Zev educates us, "The Matterhorn was named after the Disneyland ride. Pretty mind-boggling to me." Well, you learn something from this show every week.

Jen and Kisha open their clue in second place, and opt for Rescue because Jen thinks Search could take hours. Jen loves the flight but Kisha says, "I'd feel better if my feet were planted to the ground."

Flying over the snowscape, Zev declares the scenery "really Inception-like." They come down in a flat area, with some people waiting nearby, hopefully getting extra pay not only for the fact that they're out on a windy glacier in the first place, but also because the helicopter's rooster-tail seems to be hitting them full in the face. Next thing we see, Zev and Justin are equipped with their gear, including handheld beepers to indicate the location of the beacon and long poles to stick in the snow when the time comes. It's reassuring to know that if I ever find myself buried in an avalanche, I'll know help is on the way when something from above pokes me. They start out across the snow, following the beepers until the devices tell them they're there. Yeah, that's the easy part.

Gary and Mallory are leaving in third place, and Gary picks Search. We get to see their first look at the Matterhorn, and then skip ahead to Jen and Kisha's helicopter, which is getting ready to set down. Once it does and they get out, Jen continues to be excited just to be here: "We are in the middle of the mountains!" she gushes. A guide hooks them to a rope and leads them to the crevasse, where Jen is hooked to the rope and Kisha starts cranking the rope to lower her down. Soon she can see the poor sucker jammed in below her, moving and everything. Okay, that would suck, but at least he's out of the wind.

Kent and Vyxsin take off in fourth place, and opt for Rescue. It's their first helicopter ride ever, too. "This is why they call it The Amazing Race," Kent sucks up as their chopper banks over the mountains. Soon the Globetrotters are in the air as well, headed for Rescue in last place and somehow not making any jokes about Flight Time's name. "Got more room right here than in an airplane," Big Easy marvels. Well, a helicopter only has to transport three or four people, whereas an airplane ten times the size has to carry several hundred times as many passengers.

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