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It's light outside, but still snowing, when Kent and Vyxsin start their leg in third place, at 8:00 sharp. Vyxsin's waving some plastic stars around for some reason, and Kent says they're "lucky stars to start our day." One wonders exactly how much time these two waste during the race just being twee. They open the clue, and we see in an interview that Kent says they're starting happier lately. Vyxsin adds that they put on extra glitter to match the snow. Then, walking to wherever they're walking to, Kent asks her to put his hood up because he can't reach it. Apparently that long skinny thing sticking out from his shoulder is just a useless appendage, so Vyxsin's happy to help. He interviews that "our tenacity, our perseverance shines through, and I feel like we become a better team the longer this race goes on." Well, I'm sure we're all looking forward to that, then. They try to hail a passing electric taxi, but it just lumbers on past them. Wisely.

Mallory gives a Mallory-squeal as she and Gary open their clue at 8:18 AM, in fourth place. They run down the road, Gary pointing out the shoe prints in the snow of the teams who preceded them down the road, which tells him they can catch them. That seems a reasonable assumption, since Kent and Vyxsin have wandered into a ski shop to ask for a taxi. While they're doing that, Gary and Mallory hail one and hop right in, hoping to pass Kent and Vyxsin. The latter of whom, while waiting for their cab, reminds us that they came in fifth for their first season, and it would be nice to at least do better than that this time around. A taxi pulls up as she's speaking, but it doesn't stop for them either. And neither does Gary and Mallory's when it goes by a second later, and the two teams recognize each other. "That makes me want to kick some ass even more," Kent says darkly, which is big talk coming from someone wearing a black hoodie with pink hand grenades on it.

Flight Time has a little trouble opening his and Big Easy's clue when they start off in last place, at 8:43. "We're gonna lose, you know!" Big Easy jokes in mock panic as vital clue-opening tenths-of-seconds tick past. Flight Time also makes note of their allowance for this leg: "One dollar. I counted it." They run down the hill, and Big Easy interviews about how this is the fourth quarter, and extends the metaphor to hoping to make MVP. The Globetrotters find an electric cabbie, who tells them that for a dollar, "You can go to there," pointing a short distance down the road. They all laugh and the guys hop in anyway, singing about their one dollar and the helicopter that Big Easy won't fit into and all that.

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