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Breaking the Mold

In the corner, Kent piles on, "At least I always stay positive, no matter what." Like earlier when he was talking about all the people he was going to beat up. Phil calls them over as she's saying, "Yeah, but your version of being positive is to attack me, and that's not very encouraging or positive, it sucks." Over at the mat, Phil tells them that everyone else has checked in, so they are Philiminated. "Not the way you wanted to go out," he understates. Hey, works for me. But post-leg, Kent interviews, "Every team goes home with that one fatality moment, and this one just happens to be ours." Not counting the fatality moments during that one leg from Japan to China, of which I counted three hundred and seven. Vyxsin insists that she and Kent are best friends, "and at the end of the day we're going to end it cuddling and happy. But I do feel bad for the teams that are left, because I'm taking the best teammate with me, and they don't get to have him." Liar!

Two-hour finale next week, and I get to cover it while on vacation. Huzzah!

Check out what Phil Keoghan had to say about each of the final teams.

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