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Jen and Kisha arrive in second place for the second time in a row. Jen seems almost as happy to see the dog as it is to see her, which is plenty, and they're even happier to be team number two. We get to hear one more Kisha-laugh as Phil collects their gnome.

Kent and Vyxsin get out of their taxi and are pointed up to Mürini. On the steep path up the hill to the mat, they drop their backpacks and Kent encourages Vyxsin along. When they make it to the mat, Phil tells them that they're the third team to arrive, but busts them for taking a taxi when the clue told them to go on foot. "It does?" Vyxsin asks, like Phil would make a mistake about that. So that's another thirty-minute penalty for the Goths, and Phil sends them over to wait it out next to one of the old cabins. Looking at the clue, Vyxsin asks Kent, "How did we miss that?" "I don't know, you read it first," Kent says. Now that's how a team works together. What a dickweed.

Gary and Mallory schlep up the hill to the mat, and Kent says, "Maybe they took a taxi, too." Wiping the insides of her nose with her sleeve, Vyxsin says, "Nobody else would make a mistake that stupid." She has a point. The dog nearly knocks Mallory over when she and Gary reach the mat, and they're thrilled to officially be team number three.

So that leaves one team still trying to get to the Pit Stop. As Zev and Justin run down an icy street, Justin warns Zev, "Don't slip," about one second before Zev slips and goes ass over teakettle. Good thing he wasn't the one carrying the gnome. They're still looking for Mürini, and between some tall buildings they spot a condo or something with that very word emblazoned down the side of it. The only problem is they have to either go back down to the bottom of the hill or climb over a fence to get to it. As Zev leads the way on the latter option, Justin points out, What if it's entirely wrong?" "Well, then we'll lose," Zev says. Justin follows him, because at least Zev has a contingency plan in place.

Back at the Pit Stop, Vyxsin says they're going home today. "Well, with your attitude, I hope we are," Kent says, which is a much better attitude to have. Justin and Zev realize they've gone the wrong way as Kent goes on about Vyxsin's "usual negative energy, and it doesn't help anything." Justin calls out to someone on one of those condos' balconies who gives him and Zev directions, sending them back down the hill to "follow the big street." At the Pit Stop, Kent is still blaming Vyxsin for not reading the clue more carefully. She reminds him that he looked at it plenty of times too, which is true. But then he had his blinders on. From the street below, Justin spots the cabin. "Looks like there's people up there," Zev says. Sure enough, there are, and one of them is telling his sad, pink-haired girlfriend, who hasn't had to deal with any other unfair shit from anyone else today, "But I also had to battle your negativity the whole time. I didn't need that." Oh, shut up. Leaving aside how that's never a productive argument for anyone, you're GOTHS. You're SUPPOSED to be negative, or you're DOING IT WRONG. Vyxsin protests, "You had three hours to just chill out, and then all you had to do was read the clue and you're putting everything on me. It's unbelievable." So the gnome-confectioning was a three-hour process? Having to start that over really would have been a disaster. Just as she's saying this, Zev and Justin run around the corner and up to the mat, probably without even seeing them. The St. Bernard is over this by now. Phil breaks the news that they're the last team to arrive. Justin slumps, but straightens up in a hurry when he hears Phil's familiar, "However." He tells them that because of Kent and Vyxsin's 30-minute penalty, Zev and Justin are officially team number four and still in the race. "Okay, we'll take that," Zev says while Justin does a double facepalm. In a post-leg interview, Justin admits that it wasn't their best day, "but we're still alive. We're humbled by it, and appreciative of it." Zev adds, "Obviously we're meant to be here because we're still here." Okay, so maybe he's not as humbled and appreciative as Justin, even if he is half-kidding.

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