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Kent and Vyxsin are still searching for a taxi. So are Kisha and Jen, until the latter notices that the clue specifies "make your way on foot." The Globetrotters get directions from a cabbie, while the Goths wonder, since cabs are so scarce in this neighborhood, if they're supposed to run to the Pit Stop. Like that's so impossible. Gary hurries Mallory along now that they know where they're going. Kent holds his clue out for a cabdriver to read as the Amazing Editors highlight the words "ON FOOT," in pink, even, and even that isn't enough to make the key phrase visible to Kent. He and Vyxsin get inside the cab, and Mallory spots them. "They're about to get a bad penalty," she cackles while jogging along with her gnome. Kent reminds Vyxsin that everyone's neck-and-neck, so it's going to be a sprint to the finish. Well, yes, after you wait out your penalty.

Zev has finished his gnome, so he and Justin can take off at last. Jen and Kisha also spot the Goths in a taxi, and even when Vyxsin spots another team on foot she doesn't seem to make the connection that they might be walking for a reason. "Lazy-asses," Jen says. But then I don't see anyone waving Kent or Vyxsin down to save them from themselves, not that it's their job. Vyxsin is belatedly starting to fret that they're doing something wrong, but Kent tells her her attitude isn't helping. Reading the clue might help, but Kent is all, "I don't care...I just put my blinders on and I don't really care." Which is Goth for "Please Philiminate me immediately." Other teams are still hurrying on foot, and Zev and Justin get directions form an ambulance driver, just to keep it b-side.

So there's the cabin, looking rustic and old, and there's also Phil, standing behind the mat with a Swiss Colonel Sanders and a big old St. Bernard. The latter excitedly jumps up on Flight Time when he and Big Easy arrive in first place. The old guy coughs out a gruff, "Welcome to Zermatt," and Phil tells them, "You know it. "They both say, "Worst to first," and indeed they are team number one. As they try to catch their breath (even Globetrotters feel the altitude, and they're tall already), Phil adds that they've won a trip to the Cook Islands, and congratulates them, confirming that they have their gnome. Big Easy says they had a chance to come back and redeem themselves, "and we gonna try to get us a slam dunk for a victory in the championship." Except now Big Easy kind of has something else to redeem, if you ask me.

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