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Breaking the Mold

Flight Time is removing the back half of his mold, and the others are busy with that as well, Mallory actually working with her tongue sticking out like the human Peanuts character she is. Soon the gnomes are all out of the molds, without any mishaps. Can you imagine one falling apart, after all that work? End of race, right there. As it is, though, they just have to touch up the brown parts where the mold halves met. Kent tells Vyxsin how pretty her gnome is. "That is a pretty gnome for a pretty girl," he dorks as she adds rouge to the cheeks. Big Easy mockingly tells Flight Time that this is also "pretty." No one's coming off looking great in this. Vyxsin is the first to get approval, so they're in first place as they walk out with their gnome. "Hey Flight Time, do me a favor, let's go catch them two," Big Easy calls out while Flight Time is applying the finishing touches. Down in the lobby, Kent frees the clue from the bottom of their gnome and tells Vyxsin to read it with him as they get their backpacks and other stuff back on. Phil's voice tells us that they now have to make their way on foot to "this three-hundred-year-old Swiss Cabin." And it looks every day of it. I hope this isn't one of those Pit Stops they have to sleep in. "Built below the iconic Matterhorn, it is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race .The last team to check in here may be eliminated." Kent and Vyxsin rush out of the chocolate shop with her saying, "So we need a taxi." Yes, and fast, "Kent agrees. Notice how they both said that?

Flight Time gets approval for his gnome in second place, and they head out, Big Easy saying they're going to war. "We're gonna catch them." Jen's done in third place, and Mallory finishes in fourth. "Just me. Just me in the snow," Zev says forlornly. In the snow. If only someone could dig him out, preferably in one piece.

Yet another taxi goes right past Kent and Vyxsin, and they spot the Globetrotters on the street. Big Easy wants to get a taxi too, but Flight Time says they can't. "It said make your way on foot," Still, Big Easy wants to ask a cabbie for directions, which is valid. In fact, Jen and Kisha and Gary and Mallory are soon doing the same thing.

Justin asks Zev how his gnome is looking, and Zev says, "We're in last place right now," which wasn't really Justin's question. He picks up his chocolate gnome to head back inside, Justin telling him to finish strong. Which is the kind of thing people say when they know they're doomed.

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