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This is the Matterhorn," Phil intones, over a shot of -- what else? -- the Matterhorn. "Its height and imposing, solitary shape inspired so much fear among mountaineers that it was the last great alpine mountain to be climbed." Not only that, it was hardly in last week's episode at all. But Moos Restaurant above the town of Zermatt was. By the way, Moos is pronounced "Moe's," which makes me picture a place plagued by prank calls from a local urchin named Bjårt Simpsen, when it's not serving as the ninth Pit Stop in a race around the world. Or maybe even when it is: "What's the menu like there? Does anyone have ass-burgers?"

Phil says that Zev and Justin, who arrived first during the previous leg, will be leaving in first place at 6:54 AM. It's still completely dark outside and snowing hard as Zev opens and reads the clue: "'You're headed into the unknown.' Oh, that's comforting." Heh. Phil says that they'll need to get to the Air Rescue Helicopter Port in Zermatt to sign up for one of five helicopter departure times, each five minutes apart. "Before taking off to the unknown, they'll receive their next clue." Justin wants to be the first to sign up, which doesn't seem unreasonable under the circumstances. He shows off his red-and-yellow Amazing Knit Cap, made by his twelve-year-old sister and her friend, who also knitted one for Zev. "But Zev went with the lumberjack look," he adds, as though we haven't been looking at that Elmer Fudd lid for two months. He says it's brought them luck: "Ever since we hit the cold weather we've been running first, so hopefully that'll keep up." Well, as long as you don't say something to jinx it. We see them running down the snowy road, and Zev powers ahead, roaring. "Don't fall down, you dummy," Justin calls ahead. They soon find the heliport, which is basically a large-windowed hangar lit from within. And it looks warm in there, so that's good. Justin's glad to be the first team leaving, and they read that the helicopters will start taking off at 9:15 AM. This is the first time on a helicopter for both of them. I've been in a helicopter once or twice, but it didn't take off when I was in it so I'm not sure it counts. "This is about to get serious," Justin says, carrying a large shopping bag full of what I assume is heavy winter gear.

Kisha and Jen open their clue at 7:02 AM, and crack up upon learning that their allowance for this leg is one dollar. In an interview, Kisha says that they're having more fun this time around, as opposed to rushing through everything last time. As they approach the hangar (where Zev and Justin are waiting outside in the snow instead of getting to go inside and warm up), Jen is excited, but Kisha really isn't. They get to the sign-up sheet, and read that the flights start at 9:15, "weather permitting." With all the snow coming down, that qualifier seems relevant. As the sisters join Team Asperger's to wait, Kisha says she isn't happy, but Jen tells us, "I'm very happy that the craziest thing that I'm about to do in my life is about to happen." In other words, she's excited to rescue some people, but Kisha says, "I'm ready to leave their asses there." Well, that's not very hospitable.

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