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Double-Tall Double-Short Crappuccino

Drunken cameramen careen around the Tapo bus station, where Rambette and the Rock have arrived with Ken and Gerard to get tickets.

The whole swinging-with-the-Voladores thing turns out to be, all things considered, a bit anticlimactic. When it's over, the twins read the clue, and as Phil elaborates, it tells them to go straight to the pit stop, which is at the Diamante K Bungalows.

Kenny and Gerard have arrived at the bus station with John Vito and Jill. What's especially funny is that "Rambette" is apparently no behind-the-back snark, because Gerard calls out to Jill using exactly that name. "Rambette! Rambette!" Interestingly, they both get a point with me for that. One for him for being snarky to her face, and one for her for apparently not minding too much. Furthermore, when they start to run short of time and she gets frustrated, Jill sort of puts her face in Ken's chest. Aw. Friendship. I think Team We Stole Drew's Accent may wind up being by far my favorite of the MeHugeYouTiny teams.

In news of lesser MeHugeYouTinies, Flo and Zach pull into the bus station, followed by Aaron and Arianne, who manage to actually mug in the course of announcing that they found the bus station. How do they do that? Inside, Jill and John Vito and Ken and Gerard climb aboard the 10:00 AM bus just as the next couple of teams show up. As Zach goes for tickets, Flo heads right for the sign that says "Departures." Zach points out that they need tickets first. "Departures is tickets, isn't it?" There's nothing wrong with what she's saying here, but the way she says Something about the way this girl talks just makes me want to haul off and smack her. She's also in her second bandanna of the day (she was in red this morning; she's in blue now), which seems a little excessive to me. Flo takes some pleasure in catching up with Aaron and Arianne and telling them that they "ditched the girls" (meaning Heave). Nice. Speaking of the Heavers, here they come. Andre and Damon approach the airport as well, as the MeHugeYouTinies grab their tickets for the 10:00 AM. When Heave gets to the ticket counter, they're put on the path to tickets on the 10:00 AM, but then there's some kind of delay, and it gets a little dicey. And how does Eve respond to adversity? She plays into stereotypes that other women have spent years fighting! What fun. She tells us that when the guy came over to talk to her, she started crying hysterically, trying to "work it" so they could get on that bus. I suddenly feel obligated to apologize for her, on behalf of all female attorneys who are not like that at all.

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