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4:37 AM. Here go the famous and inexplicably reviled twins now. They immediately decide to go for the Fast Forward, which is a pretty questionable decision. The clues give hours of operation, and if they could tell from the clue that the pyramid had hours starting at 7:00, it's asinine to use their FF, because they're being handed an obvious opportunity to get back into it via good, healthy bunching. It's pretty clear from their conversation later that they simply misjudge how far away the pyramids are and how long it will take to get there, and I think it's silly for them not to have checked more carefully. So I think this bodes ill for how much they know about playing this game well. At any rate, the FF involves finding some guys called the Voladores at the Museum of Anthropology, and participating in this thing where you swing around a pole tied to a rope and try not to fall directly on your skull. I think Phil's description of this as a "traditional local stunt" performed by "daredevils" is a little off, considering that (as we learned during the credits) this is actually quite a sacred and ancient tradition, as I understand it. This is no Barnum and Bailey/Cirque Du Soleil acrobatic frolic.

MeHugeYouTiny is still lost. "Where are we, dude?" Aaron whines, apparently directing his wrath at Zach, who can't really hear the whining, what with being in another van and everything.

Surprisingly enough, the next team to make it to the pyramid to join Ken and Gerard is Heather and Eve, who are apparently smarter than they look. This, of course, is not difficult.

Zach admits that they've been driving around now for "five painful hours." Aaron, in turn, says in his SUV that he's saddened by the fact that Zach didn't turn out to be "some sort of, like, uber-navigator." Arianne mutters that she thought Zach might be a "genius." Apparently, they haven't seen his hair. Aaron also uses the word "hard-core" again, which makes me think that these two need a twelve-step program to lay off some of this vocabulary. "Hard-core" goes with "alternative" in my list of "if you use it, you know nothing about it" words. Shut up, Aaron. Arianne does the episode title thing by saying, "This seems like the path straight to hell." I only wish. Of course, they'd get there and be like, "That Satan guy? I don't know what his, like, deal is? But those horns? He needs to file those puppies down, because they are not working for him, you know?"

Commercials. Haven't you been wondering why nobody sold frozen soup until now? I mean, that's the way to buy soup. You want to make sure you pay them to transport as much water as possible, because adding it yourself is a real pain.

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