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Elsewhere, hanging from the kitchen curtain rods of grandmothers all across America, Red Gingham and Blue Gingham are speeding toward the Diamante K. Red Gingham (who I think is Derek) interviews that they've lived with the fear of elimination for the entire race. They get directions from some guys at a gas station, which means some things are the same the world over. While Aaron and Arianne and Heave head for the Diamante K as well, the twins bicker over whether they're following the directions properly. Eventually, Drew tells Derek to turn around, because he's convinced they've gone too far.

Back at the dolphin lagoon, John Vito Corleone is diving as Jill watches anxiously. He gets the clue, and they take off.

Here come Derek and Drew toward the pit stop. They edit it to look like it's a very close finish between Aaron and Arianne and Derek and Drew for first to the pit stop, but of course you can't really tell whether it is or not. Derek and Drew arrive at the mat first, and are mightily happy about being in the lead. Derek interviews that they are excited, because they started the leg last and wound up first. Which is fine, although they probably would have landed in the middle of the pack, even without the FF. Drew says that he thinks the other teams will be scared to see that they're up in front of the pack.

Dennis and Andrew, Andre and Damon, and Teri and Ian de-ferry and get cabs to go to the dolphins.

Aaron and Arianne land on the mat in second, behind the Tablecloth Twins. "Woooo!" I can tell they're going to be one of those Tara and Wil teams that I can't stand, but can't realistically expect to get rid of anytime soon. Whatever. Sometimes it's a game of endurance, recapping. Aaron talks about how they're "hell-bent" on getting rid of Derek and Drew. "They're an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign gone wrong!" Aaron says. My, my, what an imaginative quip. I would also point out that they are working the tragically hip wardrobe angle just as much as anyone -- probably more than the twins, who dress like dweebs as far as I can tell. Aaron and Arianne are quickly followed by Heather and Eve, and then immediately by Michael and Kathy. Flo and Zach arrive shortly thereafter.

The trailing teams are still on the road to Dolphinville. Andre and Damon goad their driver into passing Teri and Ian, which doesn't make Ian happy at all, and which therefore makes me very happy indeed.

Ken and Gerard land on the mat. We barely saw them this week, which I don't appreciate at all. More of the bald snark, please.

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