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"I am in the best mood ever, because we are gonna start whoopin' some butt," Andrew enthuses in their Jeep on the way to the ferry. Andre and Damon are approaching as well.

Kenny dives with the dolphins and comes up with the clue. Yay!

Teams that have already Roadblocked return on the ferry. Flo encounters Andre and Damon, who are preparing to get on the ferry. They ask her if she's getting on the ferry, and she points out that they've already done it. She interviews that this filled her heart with happiness to know that there was a bunch that far behind. I'm happy she's happy and everything, but she wasn't really in danger of being eliminated, probably, and that two-hour lead will last until the first mega-bunching to come along, which will likely be soon. Leads really aren't cumulative, so it doesn't make all that much difference. Andre and Damon get ferry tickets.

As Dennis and Andrew walk, Dennis tells Andrew to get the Amazing Purse closed already. On cue, a piece of paper flutters from the Purse and lands on the ground. Dad scolds kid, kid picks up paper. Hee. "The dad in me wants to watch out for him," Dennis says, "but I hope we also kinda hit another level of relationship, to where we're friends and teammates." You know, I like them, too. You can know how reality television works, and you can know that there's a certain gimmickry to casting the whole Baptist/cheerleader dynamic, but...when you look at the two of them, you realize it's a really basic story, which is that they want to know each other, and they're afraid they don't. Dennis doesn't really approve of everything the kid is doing, and we could all have plenty to say about that, but I think he badly wants to understand him. Having known some kids and parents who don't even make that much of an effort, I have to respect them both for obviously wanting to find some sort of ground on which to have a relationship, which means fighting some pretty poor odds. I'm rooting for them more than a little, in more ways than one.

But Dennis needs a different mustache. This one is doing a kind of a Gerald McRaney thing that doesn't work for me at all.

Dennis and Andrew, Teri and Ian, and Andre and Damon make the next ferry. Tramel and Talicia? Not so much. They're still driving. "We gotta go to...Chaka Khan...Chan Kanub...why can't nothin' ever be called Detroit?" Tramel laments. Heh. I would enjoy it if they accidentally went to Chaka Khan. She would probably be really surprised. That would be the biggest screw-up in reality television history, aside from Marcellas and his failure to veto himself.

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