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Joey "Fitness" and Danny are still pretty crabby when they get the Roadblock clue in last place, tossing the metal crate lid aside. Joey "Fitness" agrees to do this one. "This is miserable waiting," Danny tells us with a sick smile while Joey preps.

In Old Town, which with its high fortress-like walls looks like an ancient place indeed, four taxis containing the Border Patrol and Teams Undercover, Kentucky and Big Brother are arriving in a caravan. They soon locate the carpet shop, where they quickly and easily find impossible-to-miss clues sticking up out of the tops of rolled carpets inside. They run back outside to read them separately. Phil tells us that this is a choice between two things Azerbaijan uses to stay healthy: apples and oil. We'll have to wait a minute to see how fossil fuels figure into Azerbaijani wellness, because we're starting with the more obvious one. For the Detour option that is imaginatively named "Apples," each team will have to search an old Soviet car (a Lada, if I'm not mistaken, which we've seen racers drive in past seasons) that's stuffed with apples, both in the trunk and literally to the roof in the back seat. Phil says that's nearly a ton of apples and they'll be looking for one that has an Amazing Flag cut into the shape of apple leaves and attached to the stem. When they find that, they can swap it for their next clue. Then, in order to provide the much-needed explanation of the Detour called "Oil," Phil is at a spa, saying, "This is a country with so much oil that locals literally soak in it for its healing properties." And yep, there's a guy behind him, reclining up to his neck in a tub of black-brown crude. Phil says that the teams who opt for this Detour will come to Naftalan Health Center, and "clean up a client after he has soaked in this therapeutic treatment." In other words, they don't have to do it themselves, which is a bit of a disappointment. But then, after Brendon's hourly chum baths on Big Brother (no, I'm not making that up), this would be no big deal for him. After each team's guy gets out of the oil-bath, the team will use metal shoehorns to scrape the stuff off and then switch to water and sponges to get the rest. No Lava or even Dawn? Once their guy is clean, they'll get their next clue. And I guess the members of each team will fight over which of them gets to sleep with that clue under their pillow to ward off the nightmares. Brendon and Rachel decide to do Oil, as do Bopper and Mark and Art and JJ, but Nary and Jamie are doing Apples. Art and JJ get out of there in second place, with Nary and Jamie in third. In the cab with Jamie, Nary asks, "Scrub somebody? That's kinda gross." Also gross is the fact that Mark is once again loudly retching in the back of the cab with Bopper, who thinks it's hilarious. Brendon and Rachel are in fifth place, which is much less interesting than how Mark somehow sounds like he's gargling his own vomit.

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